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  • Five of my favourite artists

    Five of my favourite artists

    I thought I would share five of my favourite artists.

  • Latest Discovery – Gerda Lipski

    Latest Discovery – Gerda Lipski

    She uses many different techniques and layers on layers and it is fascinating to watch.

  • Latest Discovery – Draw with Jazza

    Latest Discovery – Draw with Jazza

    A few months back we finally moved from the used-to-be-massive-but-now-is-tiny-tube-tv era to smart-tv-oh-wow-you-can-do-that-internet-in-my-loungeroom era. Yes, yes, that sounds odd for a computer geek like me to be so behind the times, but hey, there was that having-kids thing in the last decade that kinda slowed things down. And upgrading had nothing to do with not…

  • Colour, colour everywhere

    An art book recommendation, a watercolour palette, a new painting, a thunderstorm encounter and inspiring sea glass. It has been an interesting week.

  • Spring has sprung paint

    It is so wonderful to have some sunny weather to paint in. Last weekend I grabbed my acrylics and set up on the back porch and threw together to beginnings of a randomish painting (mainly because the canvas I’m using has a thread pull in it and I had to wait for the other two…

  • Q is for Quilling – Incredible art

    First up I will admit that I have never done any quilling of any kind. But I do have a fascination for paper art and after clambering around the Net looking for quilling art works (c’mon, let’s face it, there aren’t many art forms out there starting with ‘Q’ :D), I think I will put…

  • F is for Friday

    F is for Friday

    Yes, F is for Friday, but not just any Friday, but Paint Party Friday! Every week on a Friday, artists from all over get together at the Paint Party Friday blog and share their painting accomplishments for that week. It is fantabulously hosted by Eva and Kristin, two avid paint enthusiasts who provide the hard…

  • Paint Party Friday

    Paint Party Friday

    Do you paint? Do you want to paint more? Here is the challenge for you.

  • My Creative Neighbourhood – Seascapes

    My Creative Neighbourhood – Seascapes

    This week I have fallen back into playing with my acrylics, so I thought I’d nosey around at what others have been doing with acrylic paint. Shortly after starting my gander, I fell in love with a seascape and found myself looking around at more of those, so this week we have Seascapes as a…

  • My Creative Neighbourhood – Heart Art

    My Creative Neighbourhood – Heart Art

    I have a new challenge in the works and in preparation for it, I chose the topic of ‘hearts’ for this week’s Creative Neighbourhood. It has certainly been and interesting way to discover new artists. I know I’ve certainly discovered some fantastic ones this time.