Latest Discovery – Gerda Lipski

While perusing art videos on YouTube, I came across Gerda Lipski. And I spent several hours on the couch watching her paint.

She uses many different techniques and layers on layers and it is fascinating to watch. I was so inspired I set off creating my own painting using similar layers – that painting eventually became ‘Trees of Light’, the one I’m using for the feature image of these Latest Discovery posts – I also have a video of me painting it, but I haven’t finished editing yet.

Her videos are quite long and she is German, so half her stuff is in German, but the beauty of visual art is often that you can go without language. I recommend ‘Acryltechniken kombinieren Combining acrylic techniques Nr 7’ for starters –

And I also enjoyed

So, drop by and have a gander. Her techniques are very inspirational and I like how she goes with her gut as to what is working for her at the time.

Art always!

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  1. Marie Holmws Avatar
    Marie Holmws

    I love watching you work Fabulous