Five of my favourite artists

For this five I thought I would share five of my favourite artists. Take note that these aren’t my five favourite artists (though they are up there, gorgeous people :D) because that would be impossible as I have so many favourites that I would still be writing this post next week. I’ve just picked a random five of those I adore, in no particular order 😀

Karin Zeller

I have been following Karin’s work for about seven years now. I love her use of colour, her cats and her vibrancy 😀 You can find her on RedBubble and Deviant Art and on Instagram and Facebook The frames below are from Instagram, if you can’t see them, definitely drop by one of these links to gaze at her gorgeous art. Oh, and I interviewed her some years ago as part of my Inspired people series.


Me in my studio with my biggest painting. Metropolitan cats , acrylics , 100 cm x 150 cm. Sold

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Still one of my proudest moments – seeing my art on a Czech fighter jet for NATO Tiger meet 2013.#natotigermeet

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Ivana Pinaffo

Ivana has a wonderful way with a brush. Her work just sings with colour (can you tell I love colour?). You can find her on RedBubble and Bluethumb and on Instagram and Facebook. I also interviewed her for my Inspired People series all those years ago and I’m still in love with her work – and how fast she is at creating it.


On display. Acrylic painting 76x76cm FOR SALE. #stilllifepainting #acrylicpainting #originalartwork #ivanapinaffoartist #ivanasart #awardwinningartist #melbourneartist#flowers#fruit#galleriamoscow#

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Carnevale. Acrylic painting on stretched canvas 92x92cm. FOR SALE contact me if interested. #carnevale#masks#venice#italy#acrylicpainting #vibrant #ivanapinaffoartist #forsale#

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Di Lamont

Di is my Jedi Master. She taught me pretty much everything I know about painting. And guess what, I love how she uses colour too 😀 You can find her on Instagram and Facebook.


“Floating Joy”. So light, floating on the water 🙂 just had to paint this. #feather #water #oilpaintings #reflection #paintingsByDiLamont #floating

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“Serene Lotus” 150 x60cm I love the beautiful big leaves with the sun on them at the lotus pond in our Botanical Gardens in Adelaide. #paintingsByDiLamont #artist #lotus #flower #leaves #nature #light #colour #beauty #serene #acrylicpainting #oils

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Cindy Belseth

Cindy creates under the name White Violet Art and I’ve been following her for ages. She paints the most gorgeous manadalas (I will have to try a mandala one day), and guess what? She is also a master of colour 😀 You can find her on Instagram and Facebook.


Finished piece! Yayy!☺?? 2×2′ #mixedmedia on wood ©WhiteVioletArt2013 #art #mandala #painting #abstract #zendala #purple #blue

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So happy to have this little project complete ? it was my first time using an iPad Pro, a great experience but took much longer than anticipated, I do love the results! ?☺️ Print size displayed is 16″x20″ ©CindyBelseth2017~WhiteVioletArt #ipadpro #meditationalart #ornate #ornateelephant #elephant #yycart #yycartist #artistsoninstagram #art #whitevioletart

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Jennifer McLean

Unlike the artists above, I only came across Jennifer a matter of weeks ago and I’m just now getting to know her wonderful art. She is a watercolourist and as watercolour is something on my list to tackle I am watching with eager eyes 😀 Of course, her colourwork is gorgeous and I particularly like her work on toned paper. You can find her work on her current site, her new site, Doodlewash, Google+ and here is a fabulous interview with her.

Seagull Final

Stash Tea

I really need to get me some of those Strathmore toned tiles (well, need versus…well, okay, want, I love me new art materials 😀 )

So here is this week’s favourite five being shared over at Willy Nilly Friday Five and Five on Friday even though it is currently Saturday (I’m leveraging the fact that Australia mostly lives in the future of the rest of the world :D). Don’t forget to wander over and discover all the other fives out there.

Art Always!

Best wishes,


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  1. Thanks Liz for including me in this. It’s an honor!

    1. Thanks for being a fabulous artist 😀

  2. Thanks again fir this honour, I do appreciate it

  3. Di truly is the Jedi master and a brilliant artist as well. I now need to look up the other artists as well.
    Great post ❤️

  4. oh i really love your artist picks! i also am a big fan of cool for the first artist to have her work on a fighter jet, wow! thank you so much for linking up liz and i hope you are having an amazing week!

  5. Some fabulous artists here. I’m particularly impressed with the ‘artified’ jet fighter.