My Creative Neighbourhood – Seascapes

My creative neighbourhood

This is where I look around at my fellow artists and highlight some of the wonderful things they’ve been up to recently. Anything that catches my eye, rattles my brain, or drops my jaw ends up here. Things I feel I need company in oggling at and admiring. If it’s here, it’s good.

Please note: All the images in this post do not belong to me (except the ‘My Creative Neighbourhood’ icon above). Each image has been attributed to its author. Please visit their webpages to enjoy more of their wonderful work.


This week I have fallen back into playing with my acrylics, so I thought I’d nosey around at what others have been doing with acrylic paint. Shortly after starting my gander, I fell in love with a seascape and found myself looking around at more of those, so this week we have Seascapes as a topic to gaze at.

My favourite seascape artist is Scott Christensen. I bought an art magazine once simply because his work was on the cover. That was when I discovered him and I’ve been drooling over his brush ever since. You must visit his site and see his wonderfully colour filled waves and beaches.

Janet Farthing knocked my socks off. She has a beautiful collection of artworks with a variety of subjects including seascapes, animals, flowers, abstracts, and landscapes all in vibrant colours and a variety of media.

The castle ll.

I’ve been flicking through her Flickr album for quite a while just now. She is very prolific and she makes gorgeous art. You can find her on Flickr, DeviantArt and Red Bubble.

I slipped off the seascape theme when I discovered Ginny Gaura. I initially landed on her site looking at a seascape she had, but then I quickly fell in love with her abstract dreamscapes. Anyone who has been reading this blog should know why :D. I just love her graduated colours in these works. Definitely worth a gander.

And last of all, but certainly not least, I came across Barry Tomlinson, who appears to have been born to paint the ocean.

The Narrows

He has a large body of work, all based around where he lives. Some beautiful pieces with great movement.  He certainly has mastered the swell and awe of the ocean at its wildest.

(who loves the ocean)