Latest Discovery – Draw with Jazza

A few months back we finally moved from the used-to-be-massive-but-now-is-tiny-tube-tv era to smart-tv-oh-wow-you-can-do-that-internet-in-my-loungeroom era. Yes, yes, that sounds odd for a computer geek like me to be so behind the times, but hey, there was that having-kids thing in the last decade that kinda slowed things down. And upgrading had nothing to do with not being able to read that tiny text in the credits on our tiny TV either, no, not at all.

Anyway, new Smart TV! New big smart TV. And I love it 😀 When we had the NBN installed (for non-Aussies, NBN is the National Broadband Network – you know, that pile of optical cable strung across the country that is supposedly supposed to give Australians non-stone-age internet access – ours is lovely, but that may be because I don’t know any better) I made sure they installed the wireless hub in our loungeroom (main living room of the house) for this exact reason. So now our fabulous new TV has glorious access to the world and our evening TV viewing has changed forever. Finally we can access Netflix and Stan on the TV, rather than staring at the iPads in our laps, but I have to say that the biggest impact is our new access to YouTube.

YouTube is a wondrous place now. The kids watch more YouTube than Netflix (unless Dreamworks Dragons uploads a new season, then it is wall-to-wall Dragons for a couple of days at least). DVDs have even taken a backseat. The kids discovered the possibilities first, but I wasn’t far behind and art was one of my first searches. Who thought we’d be able to sit and watch an artist paint in our loungeroom? And professional YouTubers? My god, there are some talented people out there. Traditional TV networks are gone – we don’t watch them anymore. We don’t need them anymore. Every artist with an internet connection, a mobile phone and a dash of talent can get their work out there.

So for this Latest Discovery – a new series of posts that will occur with some regularity, I hope – I want to share one of the most inspirational YouTubers I have come across.

Draw with Jazza

Australian – yay – extremely talented and smart. The good looking bit doesn’t hurt either 😀 This guy can draw with anything. His focus is comic/graphic art, some digital, some traditional, some with lipstick, some with a 3-D pen and all with a laugh. He has a great personality and will have you smiling and giggling before you know it. Your eyes will likely popout at some point, too.

For any artist looking to learn, he will have something for you. And don’t be discouraged if your art field doesn’t align with his – mine doesn’t – the core messages, the core drawing skills, the how-to-go-about-it methodology is key and central to all art disciplines. And hey, he is wonderfully entertaining.

Definitely go and have a look at his Motivation, Inspiration and Advice if you are an artist attempting to get your work out there. He’s honest, helpful and practical – there is no hard sell here, just what is, is – and it is great fun and informative.

Here is an example of one of his materials explorations.


And here is is duel with Google AutoDraw. Are artists’ careers threatened by technology????
And one of his challenges, showing exactly how random inspiration can take you interesting places. With his many challenges, he runs us through his whole development of the artwork – so even if you don’t draw, the methodology can be applied to your art in your particular way.
So this is my Latest Discovery and I’m enjoying just vege-ing in front of the TV at night and watching (and learning) and laughing. It was wall-to-wall Jazza last night. He was playing when I got home from work around 6.30pm (and had probably been playing since the kids got home from school) and I finally turned off the TV at midnight. Thankyou, Jazza, for all your hard work and inspiration.
As for me, there are changes planned on this site. It is currently not catering to my art or my needs. I’m planning on returning to more experimental art. I’m finding that I’ve lost my focus on fun which is probably why I’ve neglected the site. It is time to turn it around and show a little more of the quirky and fun me. So I hope you’ll stay tuned and enjoy the adventures that await.
Best wishes,
(still off the edge and learning to fly…but more equipped with wings these days and planning to soar)


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