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  • A red and indigo week

    It has been an odd week this week. Public holidays and migraines, web design and artwork, red and indigo. Most of the weekend was spent juggling between a website deadline and making time for the kids who have been on school holidays, home with Daddy. Mummy has been at work a lot lately so I’m…

  • Something floral

    Tired tonight so all you get is a doodle 😀

  • Z is for Zentangle

    Zentangle is a tradename for meditative doodling. Grab a piece of paper, a pen and just draw. It has become a well defined artform with accredited Zentangle teachers, books, websites and groups of people focussed on this fun and relaxing art.

  • X is for X

    What do you see?

  • S is for Stencil

    I had a good time playing around in my journal and talking art today. Of course, instead of tackling my planned blog topic for today which had been ‘sgraffito’, I contented myself with playing with yesterday’s embossing and stencilling experiments and arranging them in my journal.

  • E is for Emboss

    E is for Emboss

    I saw the word ’emboss’ and thought, hey, I bought some embossing tools awhile back. I think I’ll have a play.

  • Tangles – work in progress

    Tangles – work in progress

    It looks better in real life, trust me. My scanner has issues with red, as does my camera and printer. It must be the awkward end of the spectrum. in any case,I have red and yellow gel pen squiggles all over this and it has developed into a rather interesting background. I call it a…

  • Coloured zentangle

    Coloured zentangle

    I’ve been fascinated by this background from my acrylic experiments last week. it has been yelling at me to create something from it. But I don’t know what. So last night I printed off a couple of copies of the square, and since they are reproduceable copies, I felt free to make as many mistakes…

  • Sunday Sketches from the week of funk

    Sunday Sketches from the week of funk

    I’ve only got dud sketches for this week’s Sunday Sketches. Last week was a funk week so very little was done. First up we have an attempt to answer last week’s Illustration Friday prompt of ‘deja-vu’. I had a concept, but my brain wouldn’t supply me with an image to fully communicate what I was…

  • Playing with pens

    This is the grand total of the art I did this week. Spikkles, gel pen on black paper, approx. 70 x 70 mm. Basically I bought some more gel pens and wanted to play with them. Wonky is the word. Nutty(I think I need some more Art Every Day Month :D)