A red and indigo week

It has been an odd week this week. Public holidays and migraines, web design and artwork, red and indigo.

Most of the weekend was spent juggling between a website deadline and making time for the kids who have been on school holidays, home with Daddy. Mummy has been at work a lot lately so I’m in deficit where it comes to time with the girls. But Tuesday was the deadline for a new website and I had to make it happen. Which I did!

Let me introduce you to the new Gallery One Mitcham website… http://www.galleryone.org.au 

It is now at the level we can start developing it into a truly fabulous website – a resource for artists and art lovers.

As for my own art, nothing finished, but several works-in-progress in progress.

The first of these is another paper mosaic. More of an experiment than anything else, it came back with mixed results itself, but loaded with possibilities. Not quite finished, but only really needs the edges done.

flame leaves wip


This was followed by another experiment stemming from this piece I did back in January 2011. Yes, my experiments brew in my brain for a long time 😀

Tangles by Liz Powley
Tangles, gel pen on scanned acrylic, 130 x 130mm.


Not to say that my new experiment is going to turn out like Tangles, but it was the starting point. First the background…

indigo dream wip1


Followed by the first layer of tangles…which turned out kinda mazy. No gel pen in this one, all pure, gorgeous indigo or white acrylic (I finally broke and bought myself the Series 6, $25 tube of Matisse Indigo – my bank account is weeping…though more for the $45 Golden Fluid Acrylic of the same colour I bought along with it ::chews lip:: and the $50 litre of self-leveling gel, $24 bottle of Golden High Flow Acrylic white, and there was a wood panel and a new pad of catridge paper…well, you get the picture 😀 ) Anyway, ooh look, art in progress 😀

indigo dream wip2

Don’t know what it is going to end up looking like, but it will be interesting 😀

While that was drying, I made a start on my next paper mosaic. This one I’ve had bouncing around in my head for a few days now and am going to make an attempt. Lots of uncharted territory, but I won’t know if it will work if I don’t try it.

As always, background first… and yes, that is my new indigo again 😀

mosaic sun wip1


And more background…it is quite dark, but then it needs to be for what I have planned ::cackles evilly because that is what you do when you say ‘planned’:: 😀

mosaic sun wip2

And yes, those bottles all lined up cost me a bleeping fortune. Though you may notice a couple of Matisse bottles in that line up – for Aussie artists, Matisse has released a line of fluid acrylics, just like Golden, and they cost much, much less, and have many of the same colours we are used to using in Matisse Structure and Flow, including all those gorgeous ‘Australian’ colours like my favourite, Southern Ocean Blue (Phthalo Turquoise).



And because they are Australian made, you can buy them for a reasonable price in Australia. For example, the cheapest I can get a Series One Golden Fluid Acrylic 118ml is $23.95 at Art to Art. I can get a Series One Matisse Fluid Acrylic 135ml for $10.66. And there is no real difference in the quality that I can see, and as Matisse Structure has been my mainstay for some years now, I’m not expecting there to be any problems.

There is one little kink in the acquisition of this new product. I have only been able to locate it for sale in one online shop – Senior Art Supplies in Melbourne, Victoria (lovely shop, I visited there when I was in Melbourne, last). So there is postage on top. Also, there aren’t as many colours available at the moment, but I have no doubt that these will increase, and I love that I can find some of my familiar favourites amongst those colours, so I know what I am purchasing.

I love Golden, but living on the other side of the planet makes the cost crippling.

And with that, I will stop babbling and go make some art. I’m working both days this weekend, so I need to fit everything into the corners – there is more webwork along with my art to get done this weekend…and kids on the last days of the school holidays!

Visit Paint Party Friday for some glorious art eye candy!

Best wishes,


5 responses to “A red and indigo week”

  1. Love, love love your paper mosaics but find your “new direction” intriguing. Your raging sun (or sunflower) is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Susan for such a kind comment 😀

      Only time will tell if that sun works the way I want it to 😀

      Happy PPF!

      Best wishes,

  2. Great art! Happy PP Friday!

  3. Linda K Avatar

    great job with the new website! Love your projects here and OMG that sun is looking awesome!! I am very fortunate to be able to get Golden products several places nearby and can even use 40 or 50% off coupons so long as they aren’t on sale. Glad you were able to find a product comparable and less expensive. Happy PPF!

  4. Gorgeous work!! Big accomplishment the new website!! Good for you!! I think you have it handled!!

    Hugs Giggles