X is for X

I’m sure every A to Z blogger out there is pondering what to write about for X. I had initially thought to write about or explore Aboriginal X-ray art, but apart from the fact I know nothing about it, nor am I Aboriginal, and although I quite like some of the designs created in the artform, my interests do not lie in that direction at the moment. In fact, my interests are firmly buried in that mermaid painting from my previous post, but there are no Xs in that.

So what to do?

Well, upon a tiny smidgen of research I discovered that an X is a saltire. A fancy name usually used in relation to the Scottish flag and its like, but also a term defining a cross symbol with all its arms at an angle and the same length.

I then pondered playing with celtic crosses and patterns. Lovely zig-zaggy designs that interweave and can create some lovely artworks. My problem with this is despite the fact I do like this artform, I’m too tired and too focussed elsewhere to really care enough to make a decent job of it.

So I doodled instead.

X doodle

What is it? I have no idea. I just sat in the lounge with a pen, a 4″ by 4″ square of lovely doodle paper and drew. The only rule I set myself was that all I could use was the x symbol. At one point it was a flower, at another a flurry of kisses. I’m still hanging onto the concept of a flurry or flock of kisses, but the X symbol has so many interpretations, its flexibility is clouding the issue.

First up I asked my Sis, who was sitting in the lounge with me, what she thought it was. She groaned and said it was an awful field of graves or a cemetery. I said, ‘Huh?’ So she took the piece of paper and tipped up a little sideways so the ‘x’s become ‘+’s. Oh dear. She was right. Okay, then I’m declaring that we will not be tipping it up sideways, the bottom is the bottom, this way up 😀

But there is still something morbid about it. Even after I added the birds, a natural progression on from the ‘x’s. Something kept dragging me  in a mortal direction. Then I realised, anyone who has seen anything related to the D-Day beaches or ‘Saving Private Ryan’ will remember the stark black crosses of the tank traps on those beaches. And there was plenty for the seagulls to visit after that day. Sorry for the grim, but this just happened.

But my sister said it is all appropriate for the time. Two days ago was ANZAC Day here in Australia. A day where we remember the sacrifice of our countrymen for our country both at home and overseas. (ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps.) Perhaps I was inadvertently channelling.

But in any case, it is just a doodle. X marks the creation, sparks the imagination and makes what it makes. I like the birds, they speak of reaching freedom, a symbol in themselves.

What do you see?

Best wishes,

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5 responses to “X is for X”

  1. I like that birds are a symbol of freedom.
    #2 Network follow

    1. They do feel that way in this.

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Best wishes,

  2. When I first looked at it I saw birds. After reading your post I am still seeing birds. Stubborn aren’t I. Or do I just see things in a positive light?

    1. Seeing them in a lovely positive light. Perhaps it was just my sister staining my brain, because before she mentioned it, I didn’t see the graveyard at all. Maybe I’m easily influenced 😀

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Best wishes,

  3. I love this doodling! I’ve been trying to look for fellow artists from the A to Z challenge and have just found you! It’s amazing how imaginative are minds can get with just a letter, and it does look like birds flying away..
    I have also been doodling for my A to Z challenge, please stop by http://www.mandybohgan.blogspot.com, I’m your new follower! 