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  • A red and indigo week

    It has been an odd week this week. Public holidays and migraines, web design and artwork, red and indigo. Most of the weekend was spent juggling between a website deadline and making time for the kids who have been on school holidays, home with Daddy. Mummy has been at work a lot lately so I’m…

  • It’s all about production

      In my studio this week it is all about production. I have gesso, and boards waiting for gesso, scattered across my drying racks, I have one painting and three paper mosaics in progress, and more waiting to be put online for sale. And dare I mention the crazy plans running around in my head?…

  • In my studio this week

    Just a quick post and dash this week, the kids are starving and I’m going to get into trouble if I don’t feed them… This week, this happened:       Still a work in progress and not great photos as my camera is in camera hospital and being held ransom for $190 to repair…

  • Blue Moon – Artful Creations Day 23

    Everything starts somewhere.

  • Izzy’s Rainbow complete!

    I’m so happy! Third Piece a Week completed!

  • Flying Spark – Artful Creations Days 11 & 12

    Flying Spark – Artful Creations Days 11 & 12

    I love one word challenges. They can take me just about anywhere and have me creating just about anything. The Flying Spark is a daily word to do just that. Every day, using Twitter, there will be a word to spark inspiration. It appears here on this blog to the right top, or you can…

  • A Green Glow in the night

    I am so happy to have actually completed my second Piece a Week this year. I didn’t start it this year, but the important thing to me is to COMPLETE at least one piece a week this year.

  • Izzy’s Rainbow – Artful Creations Day 6

    My littlest girl loves rainbows so I a while back decided to paint her a rainbow.

  • Glowing objects and rainbows

    Just a short quick one from me today. I’ve been arting the last few days quite a bit and wanted to share with you some of my WIPs.