Category: graphite pencil

  • Scribbling dragons

    This week’s sketching has been revolving around finding a new dragon to paint.

  • The Case of the Annoying Portrait

    This is a story of a portrait that just wouldn’t behave.

  • Just draw.

    I recently finished an eight week drawing course – Creative Drawing with Lauryn Arnott at Gallery One. I enjoyed it and really found it worthwhile, and it has certainly affected my current art direction. I originally chose it because I desperately needed to continue some regular art practise with other people. I spent a year…

  • Dragons

    Since about December last year, this household has been alive with Dragons. Dreamworks Dragons to be exact. Myself, and both my two girls have been madly watching every little bit of this world we can get our hands on, particularly my youngest who recently had her fifth birthday and a Dreamworks Dragons party to celebrate.…

  • Something floral

    Tired tonight so all you get is a doodle 😀

  • Pending works – Artful creations Days 13, 14, 15, & 16

    Pending works – Artful creations Days 13, 14, 15, & 16

    This one has been sitting in the back of my mind for months. I’ve never painted a seascape (or landscape for that matter) and it is something I would really like to try. This particular image in colour has a lovely silver quality that would be a challenge to duplicate in paint, so expect to…

  • Tree Caricatures – Artful Creations Day 9

    I was driving up the same street I drive up every morning I go to work this morning and I was struck with an idea.

  • A little fanart to educate myself

    In my quest for self education in the area of portraiture, I once again made an attempt to scribble down a face portraying emotion. Since I’m hip deep in the Avengers fandom at the moment, I took a scene from a fanfic I read recently and drew inspiration from that.

  • 29 Faces wrap up

    I just sat down and drew and as I drew she got uglier and uglier and soon that ugly was doing its best to camouflage the fact that my perspective skills suck big time and it began claiming that the wonky eye is just a natural deformity for a goblin librarian.

  • Unknown expression

    I have to say that I don’t think I’ll get 29 faces done, but for what I do get done, it has been a valuable exercise. I have at least one painting in mind from one of the sketches and another proved to me that I actually know more about faces than I thought I…