Pending works – Artful creations Days 13, 14, 15, & 16

Artful Creations

Wow, after writing that title, I’m now aware of exactly how long I’ve been neglecting this challenge. After my crazy rush to complete Izzy’s Rainbow on Monday night (and early Tuesday morning), I’ve felt a little burnt out and have taken a couple of days off from arting in the hope I will find my enthusiasm again. Not that I’ve totally lost it, just been a little worn out – that and that late night has mangled my sleep cycle a bit.

So I haven’t done much art in the last few days. I have tidied the studio, post project, which is a good thing as I now have a work area just waiting for me to  do something with it. I have bought some canvases in preparation of more works, and I have been thinking of art a lot.

I thought I would include a list of my WIPs that are sitting around my studio at the moment, perhaps as a touch base for some of the options I have at hand.

  • The Giant Squid – still awaiting the border completion and a few fix ups in the main image
  • Southern Dumpling Squid – needs a squid on top of all that fake sand, plus some pebbles and perspective
  • Pastel portrait of my eldest daughter – she needs a facial, I’ve left her with a mudpack on her face 😀
  • Fire and jewels mixed media mosaic – is cluttering up my drying table
  • Acrylic portrait of my youngest daughter – was enthusiastic, then not so much, got a little intimidated by the task
  • Chillis – simply distracted, but awaiting my return. I periodically like to really go for the realism, this was one of those cases – again intimidated. Not sure my skill is up to it, but determined to give it a go
  • Fairy Forest – is being ignored, but I intend to return to it at some point.
  • Candles – this was intended as a Christmas card image, but I put it down and haven’t picked it up again. Still needs a bit of work, though it has potential.
  • Purple and yellow mixed media mosaic – not sure I’m going to finish this one, it has very little spark for me at the moment. It was an experimental technique which I think has possibilities, but the colours aren’t really doing it for me.
  • And a couple of really old WIPs that may or may not be finished at all. They’ve pretty much slipped off the radar for the moment, but are stashed should I get interested again.

Okay, there was initially only six on this list and I was amazed there was so few, but then I had a look further on the racks and found some more, but still, not too bad, and really they are started so in order to finish a piece of work, I can really give one of these a go.

I also have a pile of works lined up in my head that I haven’t even started. These are generally the ones I’m either excited about or was excited about and am trying to maintain some interest or am rebelling against starting for some silly reason or other.

One of them is a reworks of this in acrylic:

Silver Sands

This one has been sitting in the back of my mind for months. I’ve never painted a seascape (or landscape for that matter) and it is something I would really like to try. This particular image in colour has a lovely silver quality that would be a challenge to duplicate in paint, so expect to see this one again down the track.

I have at least two mixed media mosaics lined up in my head, two acrylic paintings (a turtle and a weedy sea dragon), two out of four more card designs lined up, a mermaid for Izzy, tree caricatures, and some of the images for my lightning strike idea which I have yet to work on beyond research. I have at least one entire exhibition in mind which I haven’t started anything for as yet – 20 paintings in various media (lots of technique challenges there).

So really lots of ideas floating around in my brain.

On another arty front…I was speaking to a friend last night who came across an adult art school within reach both physically and financially of both of us, so we might both be going. Very exciting! Further news on the weekend, hopefully.

Basically that is the state of my art at the moment. Perhaps I will get something done tonight? It’s a Thursday, let’s face it, I’ll be the walking dead by the time I finally get to ‘me’ time tonight and tomorrow will be the same. Here’s hoping the weekend is fruitful 😀

Don’t forget to visit all the wonderful artists on this blog hop! I bet they are being more arty than I at the moment 😀

Best wishes,


2 responses to “Pending works – Artful creations Days 13, 14, 15, & 16”

  1. I heard that friend is very excited about the idea of going to art classes with you too.
    I dare not count my unfinished stuff. There is an impasto lorikeet painting that I will get back to “one day”, at least one little landscape (river scene) and of course my current WIP.

  2. Did you ever see the movie The Craft? There is a scene where a character looks into a book and a black and white landscape like that one starts moving. Reminds me strongly of it! 🙂 I have a lot of pieces backed up too, and I’m trying to get a handle on it. Either I need to get used to this many projects, or I need to start clearing them out faster!