Month: April 2012

  • S is for Stencil

    I had a good time playing around in my journal and talking art today. Of course, instead of tackling my planned blog topic for today which had been ‘sgraffito’, I contented myself with playing with yesterday’s embossing and stencilling experiments and arranging them in my journal.

  • R is for Rubbing and Recycling

    R is for Rubbing and Recycling

    Several days ago I was rifling through the Net looking for a way to make my own stencils. My sister has been experimenting with stencils and moulding paste and has gotten some interesting results, so I wanted to try it out for myself. But although I have a handful of stencils here, mostly lettering stencils,…

  • Q is for Quilling – Incredible art

    First up I will admit that I have never done any quilling of any kind. But I do have a fascination for paper art and after clambering around the Net looking for quilling art works (c’mon, let’s face it, there aren’t many art forms out there starting with ‘Q’ :D), I think I will put…

  • P is for Passion (and Pastels)

    How do you describe passion in art? How do you see it in a work? It is easy for me to see in writing. The words grab you and sweep you off to the world they are weaving…but art…how do I put passion into my art?

  • O is for Oil Pastel

    I’m sitting here, really quite tired as it has been a busy day and I’m still not fully up to par. I want to write an exciting and inspiring post about one of my favourite media, oil pastels, but I’m really tired. So I might just show you some of my efforts using this wonderfully…

  • N is for Nature

    N is for Nature

    There is nothing specifically arty starting with the letter ‘N’. I went through the dictionary, I even went through the indexes of some of my art books and looked under N (great suggestion, Hubby :D), but all I could come up with was ‘nature’ and ‘negative space’.

  • Sunday Sketches

    Sunday Sketches

    I had plans for this Sunday Sketches. I was going to get out the neglected Inktense Pencils and tackle a project I’ve had in mind for some time. But I’ve been crook all day and am likely to be crook for several more days. The annoying thing is, my eldest daughter went out with my…

  • M is for Mosaic

    Do you remember those Butterfly Paintings back in B is for Butterfly? This is the next stage. Basically I created the butterfly painting in blues, let it dry, cut it up randomly with a pair of scissors, sorted the pieces by tone, painted a small canvas with graduated colour (see below for an in progress…

  • L is for Line

    One of the assignments we were given was to draw a picture six times in six different ways. It did prove to be a challenging exercise and introduced me to the concept of different linework and some of the interesting effects that can be achieved. It took nearly eighteen years for the concept to hit…

  • K is for Knife

    K is for Knife

    Yet another project I have stirring at the back of my mind. I have impasto gel, modelling paste and now seven new painting knives. Yes, seven, I don’t do things by halves…especially when they are only $1 each – I didn’t say they were expensive painting knives 😀