M is for Mosaic

I had really hoped to have this piece finished by tonight, but I didn’t make it 🙁 It is almost finished, just a few spots around the edges need to be filled.

Ice Crystal wip

It’s working title is ‘Ice Crystal’ and do you remember those Butterfly Paintings back in B is for Butterfly? This is the next stage. Basically I created the butterfly painting in blues, let it dry, cut it up randomly with a pair of scissors, sorted the pieces by tone, painted a small canvas with graduated colour (see below for an in progress shot) and then began semi-randomly putting the pieces together.

Ice crystal wip2

I’m quite enthusiastic about this technique and have a few other larger designs in mind.

But for now, not feeling the best (hence the lack of all nighter to finish this), so I’m off to bed.

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Have a great weekend.

Best wishes,


4 responses to “M is for Mosaic”

  1. …just love the intensity of this creation! ~ thankyoU for this awesome s.s. share! ~ blessed be!…

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  3. I absolutely love this :).
    Stay inspired!