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Nearly twenty years ago in college (when you can start measuring times in decades, you know you’re heading for forty :D), I studied a subject called Techniques and Rendering. As part of a graphic design diploma this was a subject that was supposed to open your eyes to the many different ways you could illustrate a subject.

I did enjoy it, but looking back, I realise that I never really took it for what it could have been. My head wasn’t in the right space at the time.

But in any case, one of the assignments we were given was to draw a picture six times in six different ways. It did prove to be a challenging exercise and introduced me to the concept of different linework and some of the interesting effects that can be achieved. It took nearly eighteen years for the concept to hit home, but here are my drawings.

The first one was done in straight graphite pencil, my native medium.

Drawing exercise 1

I don’t know why I chose this subject. I’m sure I could have picked something more interesting. Perhaps it was the ceramics at the handle and lid. Pencil is a beautiful medium, but twenty years ago I didn’t have the skill I have today.

Drawing exercise 2

Pencil was followed by pen line work, a technique I was also quite familiar with at the time. That was followed by a technique I made up on the spot.

Drawing exercise 3

Each line travels from the left margin to the right, but must interact with the other lines in regards to how distant apart they are in order to create lights and darks. i quite liked the outcome of this one, it might bear further investigation now.

Drawing exercise 4

This scribble technique proved to be fast and fun, though clearly not creating the correct texture for a glass or shiny surface 😀

Drawing exercise 5

By the time I got to this one, i was getting thoroughly sick of the same drawing, so to add interest, I did this one in the negative. This is a continuous line, from the top left corner to the bottom right.

And finally there was the no-so-much-a-line-as-a-dot stipple technique.

Drawing exercise 6

As you can imagine, I was dotty by the end of that one.

So a few line techniques to share. I love line and intend to explore its capabilities in multiple media.

Now Paint Party Friday peeps, This isn’t painting, I know, but you can find the painting I did this week here – H is for Happy. I do have another painting lined up to post for tomorrow night as it doesn’t fit into L, but M. So if you’re interested, drop by on Saturday to see my latest.

And all of you, don’t forget to drop by Paint Party Friday for some fantastic artwork.

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See all my Paint Party Friday posts here!

I’m on two weeks leave…yay, there will be art!

See you tomorrow night.

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17 responses to “L is for Line”

  1. Absolutely fantastic creations using different mediums ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

    1. Thanks 😀


  2. wow! I am completely blown away with the different techniques you came up with – as I started reading your post I was trying to imagine 6 different styles and couldn’t think of enough but you certainly could! I love the 3rd one you made up on the spot – how clever – it’s like contours on a map, My favourite is the stippling one (it would have to be as that is my style of choice, hence my blog name!) these are just amazing!

    1. My favourite is the third one 😀 I did a lot of stippling early on in portraiture, it is really good for control.

      Thanks for dropping by 😀


  3. oh you are sooo talented, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for dropping by 😀


  4. loving this series of posts! I never had the patience for the drawing exercises in the one art class I took – I should probably go back someday and try them again.

    1. These posts certainly have me inspired and working 😀

      I’m not a fan of exercises myself. I’d much rather have a good final piece in mind and aim for that so at least I can so something with the result.

      Thanks for dropping by 😀


  5. wow thank you for showing the beautiful way you are creating these fab pieces. Happy PPF, Annette x

    1. Thank you 😀 And thanks for dropping by.


  6. Wow…what an exercise, you did a really incredible job. I doubt I’d have finished the second one.

    Isn’t it amazing how many college classes are totally wasted on the students. Some classes should come with a rain check so you can come back and take them 20 years later when you will understand how important they are.

    1. Thanks 😀

      I look back at high school and marvel at just how much time and energy was wasted on learning stuff I’ve never used. And then there is the fact I never went to fine arts college. I still could, I suppose…maybe one day.

      Thanks for dropping by 😀


  7. posts like this make me realise I still have so much to learn.
    In a class I took, we ended up with three versions of the same sunset. Charcoal and two different types of pastels. It was fun and challening

    1. Learning is half the fun. I find reading books on art helps my general knowedge and inspiration/motivation. I’ve been reading a few books on acrylics and now know what to look for (theoretically) when purchasing the paints. I’ve also spoken to people about brands and things, but I’m still heavily a novice. I miss the fine arts college I never attended (I did graphic design, a whole different kettle of fish). I’m still learning basic things like what makes a good canvas (that was my latest puzzling out thing). I’ve been able to draw since I was seven – that was the easy part. The rest, I’m still learning.



  8. I was an art major in HS, and we had to do the same still life in different techniques for a whole semester. I was SO SICK of that arrangement by December… but I love your drawings. I think my fav is the third one like a topo map. I’m trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet blog is myqualityday.blogspot.com

    1. I think I have to question your art teacher’s methods. Sounds like the best way to turn a student off ever doing art again. A whole semester???

      And yeah, the third one is my fav too 😀

      Thanks for dropping by 😀


  9. I can’t pick a favourite, but I think there is so many wonderful parts to all of these and I have memories of doing a similar exercise when I was at art school… it drove me nuts by he end, but I think it really gets your skills up… bravo on this post, I absolutely loved it…sorry for the late visit…xx