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  • Life in the Philodendron

    Life in the Philodendron

    While I was photographing, I came across this.

  • Shadow Shot Sunday – Net bush

    Shadow Shot Sunday – Net bush

    Calothamnus (common names include ‘Net Bush’) is a genus of plants confined the Western Australia. This one is from my In-Law’s front garden. It is responding to the unusually wet summer we’ve had, and has thrown on all this beautiful new growth. I was up there picking up my daughter when I saw it and…

  • Shadow Shot Sunday – Spots in the shade

    Shadow Shot Sunday – Spots in the shade

    For this week, for Shadow Shot Sunday, since it has been pouring with rain for the last few days, I’m offering an interesting, kinda abstract, shot I took a couple of weeks ago.

  • Shadow Shot Sunday – Cloud shadows

    Shadow Shot Sunday – Cloud shadows

    One thing I learnt a few years ago is that sometimes clouds make for much more interesting photography than blue sky. Travelling around in winter when the weather is very changeable (remember Winter Rains?) can give ample opportunity for dramatically lit shots.

  • Shadow Shot Sunday

    This is a challenge I’ve been meaning to participate in for awhile, and I was lazing around out in the backyard (read: supervising children) when the shadows on our shed wall struck a chord and set me running for my camera. I did take a piccy of the shed wall, but didn’t stop there and…