Shadow Shot Sunday – Net bush

Shadow Shot Sunday

This week for Shadow Shot Sunday is a stockshot I took for a possible future painting.

Calothamnus - Net bush

Calothamnus (common names include ‘Net Bush’) is a genus of plants confined the Western Australia. This one is from my In-Law’s front garden. It is responding to the unusually wet summer we’ve had, and has thrown on all this beautiful new growth. I was up there picking up my daughter when I saw it and had to rush home to grab my camera. The colours in this are fantastic and I may create some artwork from it.

The reason I’ve posted it for Shadow Shot Sunday is that at the time it was late afternoon and the angle of the sun was shining almost through the bush. This was taken from the leeward sight of the light and the shadow play only adds to the brilliant colours. I thought it worthy.

(all painting enthused)


4 responses to “Shadow Shot Sunday – Net bush”

  1. I’d love to see what kind of artwork you come up with from this beautiful photo.
    (I’d probably have snipped some of them to bring inside for a vase. )

  2. You are going to try and paint this? Wow…so very artful are you.

    My Shadow Shot Link BOARDWALK along the wildlife refuge

  3. Catherine Avatar

    it is certainly a wonderful subject for a painting -great shot…

  4. Beautiful color!