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  • A Piece a Week 21 – Still Life with Emotion

    I learned a stack of things from this painting. I’ve certainly learnt that I know more than I thought I did and it has been exciting getting positive results from subjects I hadn’t even considered attempting.

  • A Piece a Week 17 – Nightlight

    I was putting my youngest daughter to bed a couple of nights ago and as she snuggled up to her doll, I was struck by her pose. I grabbed my camera and as she fell asleep (she was very tired, we were up late) I snapped some very blurry photos of her

  • A Piece a Week 16 – Dahlia

    I did a little bit of gardening yesterday and during my trips between the front yard and the backyard I kept encountering a particular dahlia. Hubby had planted them early last season and now they are sprawly and falling all over the place. This particular one was hanging into the path and I had to…

  • A Piece a Week 15 – The Purple Chair WIP

    Tonight was my last art class for the term and now we have two weeks off before we delve into next term. This term was all about mixing colours and at first I was a little wary. My first time attending this group and a long history with other art training (mostly graphic design) to…

  • A Piece a Week 14 – Gungurru WIP

    I have been attending an art class for the last eight weeks and this piece was an assignment. We’ve been learning all about mixing colours and the challenge this time was to use only two secondary colours and paint some leaves.

  • Stone Wisteria completed – A Piece a Week 5

    This challenge is really working for me. Here I am five weeks into the year with five new art works to my name. The first one was just a journal page, but the rest have been full blown works. I’m totally excited.

  • Some days they just don’t work out right – A Piece a Week 4

    I was really happy with my success with Izzy’s portrait, so, of course, I wanted a similar one of my elder daughter too.

  • Izzy’s Rainbow complete!

    I’m so happy! Third Piece a Week completed!

  • A Green Glow in the night

    I am so happy to have actually completed my second Piece a Week this year. I didn’t start it this year, but the important thing to me is to COMPLETE at least one piece a week this year.

  • Happy New Year and a Piece of Art a Week

    Happy New Year to all of you! This year is going to be one of art and I’m starting out with the attempt to get one Piece of Art COMPLETED per week. Considering my last post, completing is something I really need to do more of. So here be my first Piece a Week and…