Some days they just don’t work out right – A Piece a Week 4

A Piece a Week 2013

You know when you work on something for ages and you keep prodding it, poking it, working it, and yet the silly thing refuses to come out right. This is what has happened to my portrait of KJ. I was really happy with my success with Izzy’s portrait, so, of course, I wanted a similar one of my elder daughter too. It has been sitting on my WIP table since September, and I’m sick of looking at it half done, so this week I chose it as my piece to finish for A Piece A Week. I worked on it over the weekend and today, but it had structural problems. Nothing huge, but lots of little ones that when combined, make it not look quite right. I’ve been poking at it for ages. I even removed and redrew an eye with a little improvement, but there are still things wrong. So I called it.

This piece is complete, but not to my satisfaction. I don’t think further prodding will fix it, so I’ll just have to draw another one at some point.

KJ pastel final

It does look like her, there is no doubt of that, even Izzy recognised her, but her face is too fat, her right eye has some serious issues, my tonal work sucks, and I didn’t even manage to sign it either in the right place or even remotely nicely (note to self, take off easel before signing in the future).

I think there is some laziness on my part in this too.

Oh, well. Next piece!

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One response to “Some days they just don’t work out right – A Piece a Week 4”

  1. I think you’re being way to hard on yourself, Liz. I think she’s beautiful! I’ve never been able to work in pastel. You did a fantastic job. 🙂