Category: 30 days of creativity

  • Baseball Nut Icecream Bubbles

    On Friday July 6, 2012, 10 – 11.30am, I will be holding a bubble painting workshop at the Unley Town Hall, Oxford Terrace, Unley, South Australia. I’ll be there in my daggy painting clothes with a bunch of 7-13 year olds exploring bubble printing and the art we can create from it. It is part…

  • Inspiration is the seed of creativity – still in progress.

    Just a quick checkin on my progress. I didn’t do much last night even though I have a zillion things that need to be done, so it is my own fault that I’m running behind.

  • Inspiration is the seed of creativity

    Yesterday I did a sketch of a very rough idea. This is my submission for this week’s Sunday Sketches. It’s not much, but I’m hoping it will develop into a nice little piece (asap! It’s due tomorrow).

  • Breakfast

    On Tuesday I had a period of feeling vaguely okay and the weather was sunny, so I let the kids outside and quickly slapped down the basics for this painting. Today, only sheer determination dragged me off the couch to finish it. The result is the most slapped together hack of a painting I have…

  • 30 Days of Creativity – Days 6, 7 & 8.

    I did scribble, but at least I did something.

  • 30 Days of Creativity – Days 4 & 5

    Last night I sat down and played with some cut up paper and some inktense pencils (still love them). I can’t show you the entire piece (though it isn’t finished yet, so not really much to see anyway) as it is for another challenge which has a specific reveal date, but here is a sneak…

  • Sofie the Mermaid complete!

    Day 3 of 30 Days of Creativity and I have finally completed my eldest daughter’s mermaid painting!

  • 30 Days of Creativity: Day 2 – painting seaweed

    I don’t have any finished art to show today, but I did do quite a bit of work on my mermaid painting.

  • 30 Days of creativity: Day 1 – sprinkling a mermaid

    Today was filled with work and a mad dash to an important deadline…which I managed to make with ten minutes to spare…YEAH! If I wanted to be pedantic, I could say that creating an online newsletter and playing with graphics all days fulfills my creativity quota for today, but since I’m allotting this challenge to…