Sofie the Mermaid complete!

Sunday Sketches 


Day 3 of 30 Days of Creativity and I have finally completed my eldest daughter’s mermaid painting!

Sofie the Mermaid by Liz Powley

All it needs now is a few coats of final gloss medium and maybe a varnish and it can be hung up in my daughter’s room. Yay! I completed it 😀

Here is a summary of all the in-progress shots I posted up here during the ages it took me to finish this.

Mermaid 2 sketch

The original sketch.

Mermaid WIP1

Sketch on canvas and laying down the extra heavy gel for texture.

Mermaid WIP2

Painting the hair and the tail.

Mermaid WIP3

Filling in the background

Mermaid still a work in progress

Where it got stuck while I was sick last week.

Sofie the Mermaid by Liz Powley

And now complete after the work I did on it this weekend.

Here are some angled shots.

Sofie the mermaid by Liz Powley

Sofie the mermaid by Liz Powley close up

It’s not perfect and I have about a zillion issues with it, but that is pretty normal for me. I have to say end it here, learn from it and on to the next project otherwise I’m never going to get anything finished.

As this project was born in Sunday Sketches back on March 18…yes, it has taken me ages…I’m submitting it finished this week. Don’t forget to go visit all those other wonderful artists over at Sunday Sketches. There is some great stuff over there.

And certainly don’t forget to drop by the 30 Days of Creativity Pinterest boards to check out all the great creativity happening now.

Yay, I did it!

Best wishes,


13 responses to “Sofie the Mermaid complete!”

  1. She is just awesome. I love how you have added the gems.

  2. so glad we got to see the finished product … it came together really well and the textures in her tail and hair offset the colour sin the water so beautifully… it is a glorious riot of colour…xx

  3. I think she turned out brilliantly…the colours are so vibrant….she’s fun…your daughter will love it 🙂

  4. she’s totally awesome!
    i love the pearl!

  5. lovely colors, lovely texture, this turned out great!

  6. Wow, she is gorgeous!

  7. she is beautiful and fun ~ love how you created the texture ~ daughter will love it ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  8. Your mermaid turned out simply amazing! I LOVE love the texture you created. Absolutely brilliant. What a lucky daughter! 🙂

  9. It came out perfectly! I bet your daughter is in heaven!!!

  10. She’s wonderful – I’ve loved watching her progress – now she’s swimming out of the canvas in all her mermaid glory! Perfect!!!

  11. Oh this is fantastic. I love her expression and thank you for sharing your process.

  12. Wow the color and enjoyed watching the process!

  13. […] Sofie the Mermaid is now up on the wall in my eldest daughter’s bedroom Two layers of self-leveling gel and two layers of varnish and it was officially finished last weekend. […]