What is a gumnut?


This is somewhat a mandatory post for me. I’ve had to explain my username several times online and I thought it would hurt to have an explanation here.

A gumnut is not a some crazy person hooked on chewing gum. A gumnut is the woody fruit of a eucalyptus tree. In Australia, eucalyptus trees, of which there are many (about 700 species before they split it and called half of it something else) are called gum trees. Hence the fruit they produce is called gumnuts. They are non-edible, woody vessels usually shaped like a sealed cup. They come in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes.

The reason I originally chose the name ‘gumnut’ way back in 1995 is two fold. Firstly the business I was looking at starting all those years ago involved making jewellery from gumnuts – now I know exactly how to make jewellery properly I might revisit that pipe dream one day. Secondly, I was, and still am, heavily inspired by the Australian enviroment, so my current business name, Gumnut Inspired, basically means ‘Australian inspired’ because gum trees are pretty synonymous with Australia.

Anyways, I’ll cut to the piccies. The five photos I have on my main website slider are all gumflowers and as you can see, they come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours – sounds like the average Australian 😀 I’m going to cheat and embed a collection of gumnut picies from my Pinterest collection.

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