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I discovered a new challenge last week. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a new challenge. Whether or not I succeed at the challenge is always a question, but I love starting new ones.

This one, however, I think is a little different. The idea behind the challenge is to create 100 artworks by choosing a medium, a topic and repeating that combination, usually in a small format, so that you can gain proficiency with both the medium and the subject. A really good art exercise used by many artists in the past.

A few weeks back, I broke away from the portraiture we were doing in art class and did a little homework just for myself. I drew my hand in pastel. It was great fun. I experimented with the pastel and the colours and because I wasn’t doing it for anyone but myself and it was only a sketch, I felt no pressure and it was relaxing.

Hand number one: The artist's hand in pastel

I was really happy with the result so I thought I would do three more and have a quartet. And I did exactly that over the coming week or so.

Hand number two

Hand number three

Hand number four


I was happy with Hand number two, really happy with Hand number three, but not so much with Hand number four.

Of course, during this time is when I discovered this new challenge. I’ve thought about it quite extensively and there are several possibilities I could pursue. I may even get an exhibition out of this idea. However, I’m going to play it cool and just keep doodling away for the moment – I am notorious for making big plans and not following through with these challenges, so I will not put pressure on myself and just see what I can come up with.

And here is Hand number five, and as you can see, I’ve already switched mediums. This one is in inktense.

Hand number five

I will continue to explore!

Best wishes,

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