Finished. It is the holy grail for all artists. I have a saying pinned on my pinboard above my desk (well, I did until we gutted my studio, but let’s play as if it is still there):


‘To start is fun, but to finish is ecstasy.’


And I really believe that.

I’ve always had to battle with getting things finished. My attention wanders and I’m all for the bright and shiny start of a new project rather than the determined slog of the dull, been-staring-at-this-too-long, work-already-in-progress. In fact, I had it so bad as a kid and was nagged so much about it by family and teachers, I have a issue about it, almost to the point of a mental barrier stopping me from finishing projects.

But I’m getting better. Part of that is flushing out my brain with yes-I-can-finish-things antidote to the I-never-finish-anything-itis. Because I am also a believer that you are what you think you are and the first step to making yourself into what you want to be is to tell yourself you can do it. Sometimes the external compliments just aren’t there, so you have to kick your own butt to get where you want to go.

So, yeah, I finish things.

It doesn’t make it easy, but it does help it happen.

Also sitting on my desk reminding me of what I have to do.


Best wishes,

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2 responses to “Finished”

  1. I have a tough time with this one too. There are just so many projects mid way waiting for when I’ll finish them. I should suck it in and try harder, hmmm.

    1. We can only keep trying 😀

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

      Best wishes,