Arty daydreams – Artful Creations Day 10

Artful Creations

You ever have those days where you spend hours doing the ‘have to’ tasks, but while you are doing them, all you can think of doing is your ‘want to’ tasks? And you keep yourself going throughout the day looking forward to when you have completed all the have-tos and can play – only to get to that moment and be too exhausted, or it is too late, or not enough time left to do any of those things you dreamt about all day?

Well, uh, yeah, that was today for me.

I talked art with a friend at work, I bought (yet more) art materials in preparation for arting, I poked around online in random moments looking at arty stuff made by arty friends,  I even joined Etsy, but yeah, never quite got to the art.

It happens for me on Thursdays and Fridays, basically because I go to work and give my all there and have nothing left by the time the kids are in bed (and it is summer and school holidays, so they are going to bed rather late).

So no art.

But…since I had so little time and brain power tonight, I did do a bunch of maintenance tasks on my website and start some of the groundwork for some new offerings this site. A return to this site’s original philosophy and purpose. There is stuff happening!

I also grabbed a moment on the way home from work to photograph those Kurrajong trees I mentioned in my last post. At least now I’ll have the right reference material to draw from.

So here for your viewing pleasure is an image from the archives to keep this post pretty 😀

Moonlit Mermaid

This was from back in 2010 during my first challenge. It was for the colour ‘turquoise’. Moonlit Mermaid, soft pastel on black pastel paper, approx. 297 x 420 mm. Kinda calming to gaze at.

I hope you had a more arty day than I. And hopefully mine will be artier tomorrow.

Don’t forget the blog hop!

Best wishes,


3 responses to “Arty daydreams – Artful Creations Day 10”

  1. she is stunning!!!

  2. Very pretty! I love that deep blue color!!

  3. Absolutely! i have had those days, yesterday being one of them. I didn’t even get a chance to blog about not doing art. Too busy doing chores and other stuff to even get there. SO, yes, i understand how sometimes we have to do work that isn’t art. Here’s to another day and more art, yay.