Things that make me nostalgic

List it Tuesday

I receive Tracey Fletcher King‘s blog posts straight into my email inbox (they are so entertaining and arty, they are totally worth it :D) when I came across her entry for List it Tuesday. Ooh, a challenge I haven’t encountered before. So I wandered over to Artsyville and, cool, what a great idea. So instead of furthering my fire and jewels mosaic, I have been doodling in my art journal tonight.

This is my list for ‘Things that make me nostalgic’.

Things that make me nostalgic black and white

Well, at least that is what it started out as. It is no great work of art. I lack the finess of Aimee, and I was really just scribbling in the thought that I might end up with something postable, maybe, vaguely, uh, what the heck am I doing?

Then I added watercolour. And uh, some more black, um, white…er, iridescent gel, acrylics, uh, yeah, what am I doing again?

This is what I ended up with.

Things that make me nostalgic

Not really much of a list anymore. More of an art journal page (something I don’t have a great deal of experience with). So hey, look an art journal page.

And despite being a traditionally non-pink person, I do seem to be arting in pink alot of late.

But anyways, it was fun and I might give it another go next week. Drop in on the other participants to see how much nostalgia you have in common.

Best wishes,

PS: And I discovered that acrylic gel can be used quite nicely right over the top of watercolours 😀 This may have use down the track.


6 responses to “Things that make me nostalgic”

  1. Wow, you really went to town on this! I love your “soppy” moments. Really, this is stunning…nice to meet you!

  2. I love what your list became and you are braver than me even taking on writing a list… my writing is such awful chicken scawl that even the local chooks have no clue what I have written… and yes Phantom actually took a note i had written and asked the chooks next door if they could read it one day… cheeky beggar… anyway i love what you made your list into and it was a fun challenge… glad we did it together….xx

  3. I think it’s great you had so much fun with the process of it (at least, it looks like fun). I like both versions.

  4. fabulous!! thank you so much for taking the time to hand write it AND spin it into an art journal page! especially love the “books that bring back memories from the last time they were read” — it truly is like going back in time to meet another self!

  5. Loving the layers of your list!
    Ah, yes, it is amazing the power music has to bring back certain memories and times.

  6. Fabulous list!! Star Trek is one of my biggest nostalgic trips as well. 🙂 Love what your list became.