Spectrum square – the last colour!

Spectrum Square

Okay, that post title sounds like a bad movie sequel, but hey, we have arrived at the last colour for this nine part challenge series. (please see note at the end of this post, I’ve made a mistake)

Of course, I’m still behind. I’m currently obsessing over another piece of art and haven’t returned to my challenge piece, but it will be done.

The last colour!

Turquoise green



The secondary colours are Turquoise green -> green and Turquoise green -> blue.

Now since this is the last piece of this challenge, I’m thinking we should have one week to do this colour and then an additional week to finish up any loose ends before posting a final spectrum square consisting of the nine colours arranged into a square (if that is how you did yours, it wasn’t mandatory). In any case, a final post to present the completed pieces. For me, that will be April 6th, an important day – I’m going back to my day job as my littlest daughter is turning one this Sunday and my leave is over.

I’d like to have your thoughts on what will happen after that. Would you like to do another nine part set sometime down the track? There are only about a zillion colours out there to choose from. Did you find the challenge fun? Is there something you would like to change or attempt in the future? Any feedback is welcome.

In the meantime, I have an idea for a completely different challenge to be hosted here, so keep an eye out as I begin to put the pieces together for that one.

(3.12am and counting)

EDIT: Okay, clear proof that I shouldn’t be allowed near the computer after midnight. Scrap the idea that this is the last colour, it is actually the second to last colour because I can’t count. Last colour will be issued next week and then we’ll have a two week gap before final presentations. Thanks, Kim for the heads up. It is now 4.20am and I really should go to bed as obviously, my brain is not working very well 😀


3 responses to “Spectrum square – the last colour!”

  1. I loved this challenge. I must admit I didn’t take the time to be totally creative with it, so would welcome another challenge with colors. But I’m interested to see what you already have planned.

    One question, I only have eight colors including this one. Did I miss one somewhere along the way? red, lime, violet, gold, blue, orange, pink, turquoise

    1. I really shouldn’t use the computer after midnight, I obviously don’t have the brain capacity. You are so right and thanks so much for the heads up. I think I need to go to bed now 😀

      (under the influence of lack of sleep)

      1. Ha ha, get some sleep. Aren’t you glad I’m so into this challenge?