Blip in the signal

Squished by Real LifeApologies for the sudden lack of posting, it has been a week of funk followed by a build up for a party for my little Izzi who turns 1 today. 10.30pm last night just before I was going to put her to bed she got sick and has been sick since. Party was cancelled, I stayed up all night with her, and am now zonked.

I have not done any art for over a week now and I’m going a little crazy. Plus I’m surviving on about two hours sleep. No answers to any challenges this week 🙁 I’m so sad that I’ve missed them, particularly Paint Party Friday as I was looking forward to that one.

Hopefully things will right themselves soon and I can get some art done asap.

Hope you are all well.

Best wishes,


One response to “Blip in the signal”

  1. Hope your little Izzi feels better soon. You are such a good momma to dive right into care-taker mode. Hope you also find the rest you need!! Art will still be there when you are back! *hugs*