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Creative Every Day

I spent tonight tidying up my art corner in order to fit the primed boards inside the house. Since we had children and lost the two spare rooms, everything that didn’t migrate to the rubbish bin ended up out in the hobby room. The hobby room which houses  two computers, a display case, four bookcases, two cupboards, six desks, a filing cabinet, a set of art drawers and a sewing machine cabinet, is starting to become crowded. I’m having the problem of needing to put away things that have no place to go. And since I’ve been neglecting things like housework so I can art…well, let’s say it wasn’t a pretty sight.

So I’ve straightened most of it. I still need an archeaology expedition to find my computer keyboard, but at least my art desk is now functional again (I’ve been doing art everywhere but at my art desk lately).

And here it is…

My art desk

At the left you can see a blue bag, that is full of my pending crochet projects, underneath is another one (the space under the desk is packed full of my wool stash…I have enough to last my lifetime, I think :D). My desk is currently set up to do my watercolour red parrot pea. No, actually, I lie. It was set up for that, but things have been shuffled aside as my three year old daughter was sitting at the desk this afternoon with her ‘water painting’ book and I’ve stashed critical elements to one side. You can see the top of the red parrot pea sitting in the rack behind the chair.

Behind the cupboard is my stash of canvases (I have never painted on a canvas before, so new ground to be broken any time now). To the far right is my stash of newly primed boards waiting for me to throw my inspiration at them. Next to them is my easel which is currently supporting my abstract acacia (wattle) that I have yet to do anything new to.

On the bendy bookshelves – top shelf has a stash of various small works and sketchbooks.  Second shelf hoards my computer book library, third and fourth shelves are my genealogy research, something that takes up more and more space as I find more and more info.

In the foreground is a pastel painting of frangipanis I did years ago. It has been sitting around the house awaiting my decision whether to keep it or trash it. It has been mistreated and has collected enough dust to sculpt with, but I have decided to keep it and will be taking a knife to it in the near future to crop the composition and make it something more interesting. It is sitting on my art drawers that my wonderful Hubby obtained for $20 and then restored for me ::hugs him lots::

So this week for Creative Every Day I have been creatively stashing junk throughout the room to give it an appearance of vague tidiness. Don’t forget to visit The Creative Every Day website and check out what real art is out there at the moment, beyond my creative housework 😀

And if you think this post is lacking art work, well, here is a repost of yesterday’s work-in-progress just to pretty it up.

Red Parrot Pea work-in-progress 2

(who didn’t manage any art today at all)


2 responses to “My Creative Backyard – Creative Every Day”

  1. I got all happy b/c I thought the white cabinet was a fridge. I was thinking, smart lady! hahaha. Guess I’m hungry…

    1. Nope, sorry 😀 that’s just a cupboard choc full of art supplies…possibly even better than a fridge 😀

      (edge, off it, flying, learning)