Sunday Sketches – Red Parrot Pea

Sunday Sketches

I don’t have a completed piece for Sunday Sketches this week. I had a migraine yesterday which blew out the day for most things productive, and this morning I spent buying art supplies from our local hardware superstore (hardware stores are so man-land, I find them intimidating). I now have a pile of boards waiting to be primed and a small stack of a variety of sized canvases to play with. ::rubs hands together eagerly::

I did finish a painting late last night, part of my recently reinstated Black Forest Project, and I’m happy to have that moving again. I’ve also got a new pastel painting in mind, which I hope to sketch up after I tidy my art desk tonight (it’s going to be a late night as it is already 10.20pm).

What I do have to show you here is a work-in-progress watercolour pencil experiment.

Red Parrot Pea Work-in-Progress
Red Parrot Pea, work-in-progress, watercolour pencil, approx. 200 x 200 mm.

Traditionally, I’ve used watercolour pencil for very precise works. For example, Lotus, which I completed back in 2004.


Lotus, watercolour pencil, approx.  500 x 1000 mm.

Which took hours of work, layering and relayering colour until is was just right (or as right as I could get it). Labour intensive and while the results can be nice, they take a lot of work.

So the Red Parrot Pea is very slapdash. I threw down this layer of pencil quickly and sketchily. I want to see if I can be equally flamboyant with watercolour as I have been with acrylics and not make mud. It is an experiment. Last time I tried, I got really involved with the subject and it ended up much more realistic than I intend for this one to be. But then I’m still defaulting to the realistic whether I plan to or not. Will have to see what happens.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday Sketches.

(that desk is going to be clean if I have to stay up all night…that’s the problem with working in pastel, the dust gets everywhere)



21 responses to “Sunday Sketches – Red Parrot Pea”

  1. your flowers are beautiful. the lotus is soooo well done. i am looking forward to seeing what you do with your new canvases…
    i hope you got your desk clean and some sleep! have a great sunday.

  2. Gosh you can really see the detailed work that went into your Lotus – very impressed!

    The parrot pea is coming along good – keep at it…

  3. oh these are wonderful flowers. I am looking forward to seeing the red parrot pea when finished.
    I tried turpentine the other day with my watercolour pencils instead of water and found the end result was more vibrant but the colours did not spread as well though 😕

  4. It is always such a pleasure to see the different ways you work… incredible.
    I can’t wait to see what becomes of the red parrot pea!


    p.s. I hope your head is better (I suffer from migraines too and know how debilitating they can be)

  5. beautiful sketches, love the colours. I don’t know that flower, the red parrot pea.

  6. Wow, the lotus are fantastic! I think the parrot pea will turn out nicely. I like playing with the watercolor pencils. You can get some really cool looking shading with them.

  7. oh these blooms are beautiful!!!! wow…love the colours

  8. Love both of the these… watercolour pencils are my new best friend… just love the vibrant colours you get with them. I’m a migraine suffer too.. two days in bed in the dark and crawling on all fours and throwing up type of migraine… A few years ago I discovered “Naramig” one of these miracle tablets and migraine gone or at worst no pain and I can carry on with my day.. they are on prescription only. I haven’t waisted a day in bed with a migraine since taking these pills. Hope your feeling better…

  9. Marlene Avatar

    The lotus is gorgeous, one of my favorite flowers. The red pea is interesting and will be fun to see once you start adding the water.

  10. each piece is wonderful. Layers of color is an amazing process.
    I am just learning to play with watercolor pencils and crayons, they are fun. I am always amazed at how brilliant they get when the water brings them to life.

  11. Beautiful sketches. Your lotus is gorgeous. It is so light and delicate. Love the colors. Beautiful!

  12. the lotus piece is so wow! I can never do that. the parrot pea is a wonderful start.

    have a great sunday!

  13. will love to see the finished work!

  14. Beautiful pieces!! Will you add some water to the first eventually? Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

    The lotus is gorgeous!

  15. Love the flowers! How does nature do it, right?

  16. Flowers are beautiful!!! I hope you feel better!

  17. I love the lotus and can’t wait to see the finished red parrot pea!
    cheers, dana

  18. Your work is simply amazing. I am really looking forward to seeing your finished piece. I do hope you’re feeling better by now. I struggle with migraines as well and feel for you. Hugs!

  19. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your experiment with us 🙂

  20. Hope you are feeling better! Migraines can derail everything… Love the Sweet Parrot Pea, looks to be an interesting piece as it moves along.

    The lotus is amazing, love the depth you are able to bring in, though still maintain the delicate appearance.

  21. Your flowers are wonderful, and looking forward to seeing more work on those canvases.