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  • Perpetual Blooms

    Perpetual Blooms

    Some time ago I planned a series of small paintings with the theme of ‘Perpetual blooms’. At the time, I only painted one, but now several years later when I’m looking for an avenue to get back into my painting practise, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

  • Red-capped Plover encounters and a painting

    Red-capped Plover encounters and a painting

    I had the awful experience of nearly stepping on an egg.

  • Speeding up the painting

    Speeding up the painting

    After a long drought on the painting scene (I’ve been beading instead), I finally jumped back into my acrylics with a couple of little paintings.

  • Pen


    Hey, look everyone, I can do pet portraits! And I’m available for commission. Contact me now to paint your gorgeous loved one.

  • Exploring paper mosaics

    Exploring paper mosaics

    I had a great day today. I held a paper mosaics workshop at Goodwood Library. Eleven eager artists attended and had a good time. I gave a quick rundown on tools and materials and let them have at it 😀 It was great fun to see the different interpretations and experimenting going on and I…

  • Exploring butterfly paintings

    Exploring butterfly paintings

    This is an updated version of a previous exploration. I’ve updated it and reposted it here for today’s workshop participants and anyone else who might be interested. A new exploration on paper mosaics will follow shortly 😀 Do you remember those fun paintings we did as a kid in school – blob some paint on…

  • Creating a painting – Part 1

    Creating a painting – Part 1

    I’ve just started a new painting. This isn’t anything new for me, I start paintings all the time, but it suddenly occurred to me that it might be interesting to document the process from the beginning.

  • How to finish an acrylic painting – part II

    How to finish an acrylic painting – part II

    In my last post about this I spoke about the procedure as a whole, with a few whys chucked in for good measure. Here I would like to talk about the nitty gritty how.

  • A return to Paint Party Friday

    A return to Paint Party Friday

    Basically yellow, orange, red and purple reside beside each other on the colour wheel in that order and are harmonious. However, if you flip the order of the colours and lay them next to each other we encounter the fact that yellow and purple are direct contrasts and spark off each other.

  • How to finish an acrylic painting – part I

    How to finish an acrylic painting – part I

    One of the things I have always been concerned about since starting my business around fourteen years ago has been customer satisfaction. I will leap through hoops to make sure my clients are happy with what they pay for – it is a lesson I have learnt very well having spent even longer in customer…