Perpetual Blooms

Some time ago I planned a series of small paintings with the theme of ‘Perpetual blooms’. At the time, I only painted one, but now several years later when I’m looking for an avenue to get back into my painting practise, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

The plan is small paintings, whatever comes to mine, no pressure. Just a way to ease into painting and have fun, much like my writing and jewellery practise.

The next question was ‘Which flowers?’

So I asked some friends to tell me what their favourite flowers were. This has given me some randoms and possible new ideas to explore. Thank you to all of you who have made suggestions. It is a list I will continue to refer to as I play with my paints. Feel free to offer more suggestions, you’ve all given me wonderful ideas so far 😀

The winner for painting number one was waterlillies. This is because I have some far back history with waterlillies and have a pile of stockshots for reference from our local botanic gardens. The first one that sprang to mind was the Blue Nile Waterlilly. This is housed in with the giant Amazonian waterlilly in the botanic garden, something I always drop in to look at when I’m there and I’ve taken some shots that immediately came to mind.

So with less thought and more do, here is the beginnings of this small painting, just for fun. First I sketch and design before transferring the design onto the board – which is currently drying under a couple of layers of dark green background gesso.


As for my history with waterlillies and, well, lotuses, here are some totally ancient watercolour pencil paintings I did a very long time ago…like last millennia-ago when I had no idea of how to paint or photograph.



These paintings will be considerably smaller (the white waterlillies are over a metre wide) and far less detailed and hopefully revive the considerably more experience in painting I have gathered since way back then.

I hope you enjoy following my crazy process as I attempt to wrangle with my time and my muse.


(still off the edge, but learning to fly)