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  • More watercolour adventures

    More watercolour adventures

    A few weeks back I came across a drawing I had created last time I was at Edithburgh on the Yorke Peninsula

  • Watercolour adventures

    Watercolour adventures

    This week I explored watercolour

  • The Case of the Annoying Portrait

    This is a story of a portrait that just wouldn’t behave.

  • Guess who?

    . Work in progress ::grin:: Guess who? 😀 Playing with my watercolours. It is always good to test out a new medium with a portrait 😀 Liz

  • Playing with watercolours and fog

    An attempt at a foggy forest. Watercolour on A4 watercolour paper. A good exercise in atmospheric perspective and despite a few faults, I’m quite happy with it. Just need to remember watercolour works light to dark in contrast to acrylics which work dark to light (and are much more forgiving).

  • Still squidding

    The other arty thing that happened this week was me being suddenly struck by an undefined inspiration that ended up with my youngest daughter falling off the couch.

  • A fling with iridescent gel

    I am having a love affair with iridescent gel. I can’t seem to get away from it, not that I want to. I can’t help but throw some into almost all my paintings at the moment. I just love the lustre.

  • Masking fluid experiments

    Earlier this year I was introduced to the concept of an art journal. I’ve kept sketchbooks of my work all my life, but art journalling is slightly different. In March I started a journal of my own. A simple cheap bound sketchbook that within its pages I have permission to royally stuff up with abandon.…

  • Life Inspired for Sunday Sketches

    I do have to apologise for this new Life Inspired cartoon. I couldn’t help myself.

  • Paint Party Friday

    Paint Party Friday

    This painting was done nearly two years ago (full post about it here) and was also for Illustration Friday. Done in craft paint before I had any idea of what I was doing and while my youngest ws still a baby so done at the speed of light, but I have to say, despite its…