Life Inspired for Sunday Sketches

Sunday Sketches

I’ve been completely absent this week, totally immersed in work and other things, so it is fantastic to be back and to have actually managed to do some art. I’ve been going crazy in the brain with inspiration and no outlet – aaargh!

I do have to apologise for this new Life Inspired cartoon, though. I couldn’t help myself.

Every girl loves an ironman

I  guess it is better than Every girl loves a Tony Stark 😀

This is my submission to Sunday Sketches this week. Drop on by and visit all the wonderful artists over there, they make some great art.

Best wishes,
(crazy Avengers fan at the moment :D)


12 responses to “Life Inspired for Sunday Sketches”

  1. LOVE the comical factor in your sketch. Nice work!

  2. I love this! He is super cute but then again doesn’t every man look adorable when taking over the housework? 😀

  3. Hysterical! My DH irons the collars on his shirts. I don’t iron hardly ever!

  4. Love it!!! So clever!

  5. THis is absolutely brilliant! And I LOVE LOVE me some Tony Stark!! 😉

  6. Fun creation ~ well done illustration ~ (A Creative Harbor) on Blogger

  7. What a great sketch! This is super funny because my husband was actually ironing his shirts for the week last night, and he was doing during a break between two Ironman movies. How ironic! (haha!! no pun intended!)I have to show this to him:)) thanks for the smile, FranT

  8. I would love Robert Downey Junior to be popping over to do the ironing… I think I would wash every piece of clothing in the house just to keep him there so I could look at him… great sketch!!!

  9. I thought of you when I choose to watch “The Avengers” on the plane yesterday.
    Love the drawing.

  10. I love your ironman! Was just looking at some art on Sunday Sketches and came upon yours. Hope I can contribute something to SS next Sunday (didn’t make it this week):)

  11. this totally made me smile!

  12. This is beautiful and I love it! I already sent the picture to my next door colleague 🙂 Many thanks!