Time is everything

This year has been extremely productive on all fronts. I’ve done more artworks in the last six months than I managed in the entire two years before and have been in more consecutive exhibitions than ever before.

Tomorrow I’m delivering these three to the Flagstaff Hill Art Exhibition.

flagstaff hill paintings


The exhibition will be open Saturday 23 April until Saturday 30 April, and will be held at Flagstaff Hill Primary School Hall, 145 Blacks Road, Flagstaff Hill. I’d love it if you could drop by to have a look at all the art on display. Splashout Art Studios, a group I have painted with in the past, will also be providing art demonstrations and have artists on site at various times. For further information please visit the Flagstaff Hill Art Exhibition website or Facebook page.

Now time is everything as although I have at least two more exhibitions lined up for the first half of this year, I’m finding that the web designer side of my business is about to become very active. It’s going to be the battle of the arts and a very busy upcoming period, because although I love my art, clients come first. Twenty years of customer service does that to you.

I also have something else I think I should finally mention. I was going to launch it all with a big bang, balloons and streamers and all the fancy I could manage, but I can’t see myself finding the time for that in the near future and I really don’t want to wait any longer. After all I first wanted to attempt this back in 2008, but my lack of the correct equipment and artwork was foiling me. Now with my paper mosaics, and after having bought the required camera several years ago, I am finally launching my Red Bubble shop.

Now you can purchase prints of my artwork and products like cushions, phone cases and bags.

Ice Crystal cushion

Ironically it wasn’t the prints that finally made me actually do this, it was the throw cushions. They are absolutely perfect for my paper mosaics. Being the neurotic perfectionist I am, I made sure what the shop was outputting was good product by ordering one myself. The above is a photo of my Ice Crystal II cushion. I say ‘my cushion’ but in actual fact my youngest has demanded it be given to her. I may have to order another.

The shop is not currently linked to my website and only contains two paper mosaics at this point, but given time, I will be uploading and making more of my art available. If anyone has any preferences on what art I should upload next, don’t hesitate to comment and let me know.

As for what art I have done this week – it has all been webwork and varnishing in exhibition prep. I do have my next mosaic planned. I’m excited and a little scared as I will be trying something slightly different and I’m not convinced it is going to work. This is where I need to tell myself repeatedly that it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. Experiment. Have fun.

This would be useful if I actually listened to myself.

Once again I’m offering this up to Paint Party Friday even though today is Saturday (the need to sleep got in the way, damnit!). So don’t forget to drop by and visit all the great artists over there! Happy PPF!

Best wishes,
(listening to a Star Trek soundtrack because I’m in the middle of a Star Trek Original/Alternate Series crazy binge – buying all those DVDs and subscribing to Stan is so totally worth it when I’m nuts like this – wish I had time to write, though)

PS: Yes, I’m a mad Trekkie and have been for a very long time 😀

PPS: Jim Kirk rules 😀


6 responses to “Time is everything”

  1. WOW !!!! Your pillow look amazing , how wonderful to have your art printed up as part of your decor , Congratulations foe exhibiting at Flagstaff Hill & good luck .
    Keep experimenting & playing , don’t be scared , that’s how an artist grows . xx

    1. Thanks, Di 😀 I’ve been wanting to set up this shop for prints for ages, but haven’t had technology, skill, whatever. Finally all the ducks lined up and I was able to do something. It really was the cushions, though, they are just perfect for my mosaics 😀

      Now I just need to add more art and get my Etsy store straightened out and buy that printer so I can print my own prints and find a local supplier and find a place to exhibit my art regularly and, yeah, the list goes on 😀 But I’m getting there 😀 Oh, and find more time to make more art as I’m running out of exhibits!

      I think part of my problem with being ‘scared’ is that I have so little time at the moment that when I invest it, I really need to get a product out of it. Do I go with the new and scary or do what I know will produce somethign I can sell? I guess it is balance. I just wish I had more time to play, because that’s where all the cool new ideas come from 😀

      Thanks you, as always for supporting my art ::hugs::

      Best wishes,
      (still listening to Star Trek music :D)

  2. Wow! Thanks for subscribing me …Liz. Brilliant!

    1. Thanks, Russ! These are my letters 😀

      Best wishes,

  3. This has been a busy year for you with such great success. Wish I could come to the show. Good luck there.

  4. Gorgeous artwork for the exhibit… LOVE the pillow and the three new pieces would also be gorgeous on pillows too!! Good for you accomplishing so much. Also a smart move getting the redbubble site out there sooner than later.. You can still let it be a part of your big celebration!!
    Best of luck on all your endeavors!!

    Hugs Giggles