Chance meetings


Chance meetings and random comments can open so many doors.

A few weeks ago, I was prepping for an exhibition and finalising a few paper mosaics when I ran out of hanging wire and framing tape. I’m picky about my hanging wire and only purchase the plastic coated variety which I buy from my local framers. I hadn’t been to my framers in literally ages and when I arrived I realised they had changed hands. The new owners turned out to be a really nice couple and we got chatting. Turns out Leeza is an artist – and that was a great topic of conversation as I am one too 😀 Leeza works in copper and has this absolutely stunning piece of copper-sculped grapevine on show in their gallery. She has also sculpted musical notes to create Time to say goodbye (by Leeza Peters).

Time to say goodbye by Leeza Peters


I’ve worked with a little wire in my jewellery, but this is gorgeous dedication.

I did, of course, mention I was an artist and actually remembered to have a business card in my purse to hand over, and before I know it, I’m leaving the new Artisan Custom Framers and Gallery with my wire, framing tape, and an offer to present a piece of artwork for the chance of participating in their next exhibition. A minor errand turned into a great opportunity.

This was all before Easter, so I took the opportunity of the long weekend to create a whole new piece of art – the 7th in my line of Shattered Paper Mosaics and presented it for exhibition the following Wednesday. The exhibition is titled Now! the theme meaning to represent what the artists are exploring right now – I felt that I couldn’t get more Now than the weekend before 😀

There was an opening on Sunday with wine and nibblies and a proper launch with the Hon, John Hill, Chair of SALA, and good gathering of interested people.

Now, I’m not an outgoing person, the word ‘timid’ comes to mind, despite my confidence in my art. But I felt really welcome and was introduced to some interesting people the moment I walked in the door, and I really enjoyed myself. I made one new Facebook friend who does some gorgeous art of her own, and another, also a great artist, who might be interested in some of my web skills. So not only did my art get a good showing – with some great comments on the spot – I got to make some new contacts and see some great artwork as well.

Now exhibition opening

And look, a very rare photo of me with my artwork.

me and my artwork

Many thanks to Artisan Custom Framing and Gallery for the opening, photos and the opportunities! The exhibition is open until the end of this month and you can find the gallery at 1099 South Road, Melrose Park, SA.

Now onto what has been happening in my studio this week…

Magenta Magic
Magenta magic, acrylic and paper mosaic on wooden panel, 300 x 300mm.

This piece is the partner piece to Magenta Mist, which you can see in the photo above in the exhibition (and in my last post :D). Same size, same materials, but more complex colour theory. When I say complex, it really is simple…except perhaps when I’m deciding which piece goes where when creating it 😀 This will be the last in my paper mosaic series, Shattered, for a little while as I’m now going to explore different shapes and layouts for this technique. The eight pieces I have created are all part of my cross-media Expressions of Colour series – artworks where I play with colour theory and explore different effects, techniques and media specifically to explore colour…and have a lot of fun 😀 This piece will be in the Flagstaff Hill Art Show during the school holidays.

I’m a bit late for Paint Party Friday this week, especially since it is now Sunday 😀 But don’t hesitate to drop by and check out the artists over there anyway. They are a fantastic bunch.

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6 responses to “Chance meetings”

  1. These are beautiful. Like sparkling glass.

    1. Thank you, Fran!


  2. Beautiful pieces Ruth……..di you ever study this with K..She said she did this at DRHS way back when ??
    She says it looks lovely and is really pleased to see you focussed.
    Great work Ruth…Jenny 🙂

    1. Hi, Jenny.

      No, I don’t remember studying paper mosaics with Miss C. But then from time to time things leak out of my head. I remember most of year 11 and 12, torturing Mr K with an Ettamogha Pub and those totem pole faces in pottery. I painted my first landscapes in those early years with watercolour and a serious lack of knowledge about my tools and materials. Also lots of human body proportions (which to this day I fail miserably at :D).

      This particular technique I developed back in 2012. I revisited it recently and actually worked it into a finished product because I had been asked to do a workshop. I’m really enjoying playing around 😀

      Focussed for a moment. It will probably be fleeting, but I’ll work with it as long as I can 😀

      Thanks for your kind comments and support.

      Best wishes,

  3. Love your mozaics, they’re terrific. Good luck with exhibiting your work , really good to get it “out there” & thank you for sharing . Great photos too x

    1. Thanks so much, Di 😀 I’m certainly learning as I go and bit by bit, I’m becoming the professional artist I always wanted to be 😀

      Thankyou for your wonderful ongoing support ::hugs::

      Best wishes,