The Calm


Our lives are nuts. While many of the mundane tasks of existence have been relieved by technology, we’ve filled the gaps with more stuff, so instead of spending hours washing our clothes in the local river, we’re dashing off to work to a gazillion deadlines, places to be, people to see and appointments to keep. We travel more miles daily, do more individual tasks, than our ancestors ever contemplated.

Now I don’t begrudge technology, I love technology, give me technology to watch my latest fangirl target (currently Arrow and The Flash) freshly downloaded off the wonder that is the internet. But the speed at which we live our lives…sometimes I feel we just need to stop and take a breath.

Sometimes we just need to be.

Standing on the beach just feeling the world. Doing nothing but taking in the rippling water, the touch of the breeze, the sand between your toes. Listening to all that is happening around. Taking a moment.

Give your brain a chance to slow its processing speed and reconnect with the environment so often hidden by concrete and bitumen. We are from this planet, bred amongst the natural ecosystem where there is naturally no combustion engines, no pollution, just the breeze amongst the trees. We weren’t built to combat the noise and bustle we live with daily. It takes a toll whether you notice it or not.

So take a moment, every day, to stop, stare at the sky, examine a tree, watch the birds, give your body a break.

And breathe.

And the picture above is where I am at the moment, so yeah, lots of calm before I go home and tackle the three client meetings I have in three days while on holiday. Yeah, my life is nuts.


And this is what I’ve done while relaxing today and yesterday.

Can’t take too many moments between creative projects 😀

Best wishes,