Another hand

And now blogging is giving me a kick to art more…yay!

Tired tonight. It has been a long week and it is not going to stop until at least Easter, but at least I should get a little sleep in tomorrow. It is my youngest’s fifth birthday today and she has a party on Sunday, so Mum is in top gear party planning and creation mode. I have a dragon icecream cake to make, a black Toothless (from How to Train your Dragon) icecream cake. So yeah, busy.

However I was cranky tonight and instead of hiding in a book, I decided to dissipate it with some art. Planted myself in my empty studio (it is under renovations and my art stuff is all in the shed 🙁 ) with a table and my desk chair and some shoddy lighting and scribbled with my pastels.

So here be Hand Number Two.

Hand Number Two

Still of the squiggly style like the first hand – The Artist’s Hand in Pastel – but a touch more realistic. Not perfect, but I’m happy to call it quits and am satisfied with the results.

So yay, art!

Best wishes,