My addiction

They say that when you can’t do art, buy things to do art later.

Well, let’s be honest, I said that, and mainly because I don’t have much time to do art and I continue to have an art materials purchasing addiction.

I have a lot of art materials.

I am fully equipped for acrylic painting, pastels, watercolour, mixed media, drawing in several different mediums, ink, inktense, stamping, embossing, oil pastels, polymer clay, several different types of beadwork, wirework, crochet and knitting, colour pencil….I even have some mosaic equipment out there…and a sewing machine…which I’ve used once.

But at the moment I just seem to be using one of my tools – my computer…which is a fully equipped graphic and web design centre. Did I mention the art apps on my iPad? (yes, I’m also a geek, though an arty one mostly :D)

Anyway, today is no different. Despite having been trying to stop myself from spending money needlessly, I saw an A2 pad of pastel paper one of my fellow students had acquired at art class last night and I had to have one. I needed it, you see. I needed the bigger paper – I only have A3. And where did she get it? From Duthy Street Art Supplies…which just happens to be within walking distance from where I work.

I needed the exercise….honest!

So off I triapsed at lunchtime today and went and bought me some A2 pastel paper.

And, oh, there was that lovely blue pastel paper which I used to have, but gave away to my sister and now just have to replace…

…and Schminke pastels on special!!!!

pastels and paper

So, uh, yeah, I trundled back to work with $100 less in my bank account than when I left.


::stands up, holding up one hand:: Hi, I’m Liz and I am addicted to buying art materials.

Yeah, I know. Lost cause.

Best wishes,



4 responses to “My addiction”

  1. Hi Liz
    Good thing there are millions of other creatives online that totally understand the need for art supplies ;).
    Stay inspired!

    1. Yes, we are all a strangely addicted group 😀 There is something about all those pretty bottles and tubes all lined up…so much more pretty than money 😀


  2. Ha ! You can come here and spend any day ??? Where are you currently doing art study Liz ???

    1. Ha! I’ve already spent lots of money over there 😀

      I’m over at Gallery One doing some creative drawing. It has been fun getting back into my pastels again.

      Best wishes,