A gesso-ing we will go – Artful Creations Day 22

Artful Creations

There was gesso-ing tonight.


It is a bit hard to do art on canvas when I haven’t got the size I want prepped. So there was white paint slinging tonight.

Also, after a lovely day with an arty friend, who used the word ‘wisteria’ in relation to my current mystery WIP, there has been some influence as I dabbled with that tonight after the gesso-ing. (Not that you can really see it in this picture…)

Unknown wip2

I have to say that they all look pretty strung up there. I use the clothesline to stash my WIPs so I have room on my drying table.  A place for dry, but not finished. Left and right here are awaithing gel and varnish…another mass task I have in my near future. Kinda the other end of the spectrum from gesso-ing.

This is a blog hop! Don’t forget to bounce around all these fantabulous artist’s blogs and check out their great art.

Best wishes,
(awfully late at night)