Studio jigsaw puzzle – Artful Creations Day 7

Artful Creations

Just when I think I can’t possibly jam more stuff into a room…well…I can. My studio has stuff stashed in every corner, every nook and cranny, under every desk and table. And now I have an easel to cater to…and there was that table I bought from Ikea a few weeks back that Hubby so kindly put together for me tonight. So space needed to be made and stuff shifted.

This led to the mess that was all over my art desk, victim of one too many half finished projects, jar stashing and dumping of old palettes waiting to dry (from months ago…they should be dry :D). So I took a deep breath and dove in. While Hubby was building my new table, I got my rubbish bin and started filling it. And my reward after a couple hours work is this…

Clean studio Jan 2013

The Squid and Izzy’s Rainbow are sitting on my new table which I plan to use for painting large paintings on, and also it is just big enough for me to do art with a friend or my children (which was one of the main reasons I bought it) when we can’t work outside.

And my desk, my clean art desk…

Clean art desk Jan 2013

This is the first time it has been tidied in over a year (at least). Now I can actually do work on it instead of just fossicking through the junk on it to locate materials and work elsewhere.

As for my creative works today…I’ve pretty much finished the Green Glow painting and will show that tomorrow for my A Piece a Week post. I am quite happy to see the end of the painting of the leaves, let me tell you 😀

Also, I’ve been doing some thinking about the content of this blog and I’ve realised that I have neglected some of the core reasons why I created it over two years ago. So keep an eye out. When I get a chance I have some plans for new features and reviving some old ones on this site.

All in all a good day today, despite the return of the 40C heat…gave me the excuse to stay inside and paint 😀

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Best wishes.


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  1. I love your organized space, Liz! Makes me want to paint!