Pastel portrait of Izzy

 Sunday Sketches 29 Faces September 2012

And I have my first face for 29 Faces! Started off as a quick sketch, but actually took me most of the day. Here is a pastel portrait of my youngest daughter, two and a half year old Izzy.

Isabel pastel portrait

Izzy, soft pastel on canson paper, approx. 210 x 297mm

It has its problems, including still being slightly cross-eyed…I might go back and fiddle with that…but I’m sick of fiddling. I gotta call it. Though Hubby says we can hang it up on the wall, so I better fix it otherwise it will drive me nuts.

It is only my second ever pastel portrait so I might just list it off as educational. But I will hang it up anyway. It is time for me to stop thinking my work isn’t good enough!

And this is also my submission for Sunday Sketches this week. Don’t forget to drop on by to see the other sketchers, wonderful works in progress out there.

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26 responses to “Pastel portrait of Izzy”

  1. I think it is just gorgeous. Put those pastels down and be proud.

  2.! what a stunning very beautiful..such talent..i am in awe! Very inspiring!

  3. your portrait is amazingly realistic! Such a wonderful memory you have created.

  4. oh wow Liz!!!!! this is amazing work….I am so excited about the art you are creating!!! so much detail and depth!!!!

  5. This is amazing. I actually thought it was your photographic reference when I first looked at it. Wonderful!

  6. You are so clever I so wish I could create portraits like that.

  7. This is amazing. At first glance, I thought it was a photo. Beautiful shading and you’ve captured her impish look! I love the tongue out. My nephew has that expression a lot! 😉

  8. Oh it’s so beautiful…I can’t do faces so I’m super impressed! I like to get rid of my paintings totally out of the house because otherwise they “BUG” me and I want to fix them all the time.

  9. Beautiful, such an adorable and lovely piece. Wonderful work!

  10. This is so realistic, you are so talented, wow!

  11. wow this is incredibly realistic! I am in awe of your portrait and those eyes!!

  12. I saw this on your facebook first and I had to comment how amazing it is. I love pastels but I don’t have much experience with them yet. I love the portrait and the sassy tongue sticking out. so sweet. keep doing more of these they are wonderful

  13. It seems like I am getting here later and later for Sunday Sketches sorry… this is amazing Liz… I haven’t seen a lot of your pastels before but this makes me want to see more… pretty wonderful work…xx

  14. Absolutely beautiful! Love everything about it! Colors, detail, expression! Gorgeous!

  15. Fabulous face. And only your second in pastel? Wow.

  16. Gorgeous! Such a little cutie!

  17. I also thought this was a phot when i first saw it!. Beautiful work, Izzy will cherish this in years to come!

  18. Fantastic face, you certainly got a way with pastels!

  19. Awesome portrait, beautifully done! Love the expression, so 2 year old! 🙂

  20. You’ve done a wonderful job! It is simply beautiful. But I understand your frustration if it doesn’t meet your expectations – which must have to do with the exact likeness you are looking for – because it is an excellent rendering!

  21. Sorry for the leate response….but what a wonderful, fabulous sketch! Wow! 🙂

  22. So fantastic! Beautiful little face!

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  24. When I first saw it I thought it was a photograph. I’d call it done. It’s beautiful

  25. Your working with soft pastels is fantastic.

  26. WOW!!! This is utterly charming and you have an amazing talenT – LOVE IT!