Inspired People – Drew Harrison addendum

Inspired People

A small addition to Inspired People – Drew Harrison.

In my introduction to Drew, I mentioned one of his paintings that I refer to as ‘the frog’. That is totally not its title, but Drew was kind enough to send me an image of this painting so I could share it with all of you. Absolutely stunning work, the kind that reduces me to a drooling zombie upon sight.

Hangin' Around by Drew Harrison

Hangin’ Around by Drew Harrison

Anyone who knows of my attempts at frogs might have a clue as to why I adore this painting.  I have to say that it is the glow and the texture on the frog’s skin that really sets my artistic heart racing. That and a fantastic composition. Can you imagine this hanging on your wall???

So many thanks to Drew for sharing this painting and for participating in the interview. You can see more of his fabulous acrylics on his website.

And speaking of Drew…I had the pleasure of meeting one of his former students yesterday. We met via Drew’s Facebook 😀  I attended Drew’s art group and mentioned it here, Drew mentioned my mention on his Facebook page, she saw it and dropped by to say hello. Our relationship grew from there and we met yesterday for coffee.

And it was fab! We had one of those conversations that kept going and going and we had to drag ourselves away from each other when other commitments intruded (you know, the kind that requires one of us to attend a workplace and the other kind that involved the two young children who had been sitting across from us the entire time being very patient for a two and four year old 😀 (I bribed them with icecream)).

There was discussion of art, kids, art, iPads, art, work, art, blogging, art…you get the picture. Did I mention we talked art? There will be paint parties in our future!

Gotta love the internet, especially when it introduces you to your neighbours 😀

And now I have to decide whether to go back to bed and be up in an hour or declare that this morning I got up at 4.30am. That’s what I get for falling asleep on the couch far too early last night.

Best wishes,