More watercolour and pen work

Sunday Sketches

I have two sketches this week to submit for Sunday Sketches. The first is the second in the new series of ‘Life inspired‘ scribbles I’m doing. It didn’t work as well as it could have, simply because I’m a heavy hand with the watercolours and need to practise restraint, but it is passible.

Mans saving grace is his ability to do the dishes

And here it is pre-watercolour. I scanned it in so if I stuffed up, I can easily copy it down again and try again…which I might do at some point.

Mans saving grace is his ability to do the dishes (black and white)

And the other sketch is a weird thing that resulted from me vaguely attempting this week’s Illustration Friday prompt. I didn’t have any real hope for it from the beginning, but I figure something in my journal was better than nothing, so I let it evolve into…well, this…

Creature teacher

Let’s just say that I won’t be submitting it for that challenge 😀 It gets scary the amount of different things that come out of my brain.

Anyways, don’t forget to drop on by and visit all the great Sunday Sketches peeps. Some lovely artwork out there.

Hope you’re all having fantastic weekends.

Best wishes,


23 responses to “More watercolour and pen work”

  1. There is something about that face that has me in giggles.
    I love it and I love your housework man. Mine doesnt look half as happy when facedwith a sink of suds

    1. Thanks, hon.

      My Hubby is a picture of stoicism while doing the dishes. A man on a mission to do the dishes and dare he not be interrupted 😀

      Thanks for dropping by and see you soon!


  2. ha ha ha
    love the creative teacher! Your Man’s saving grace, is also sfunny! great stuff!
    have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Thanks! Gotta love a man who does your dishes 😀

      Thanks for dropping by.


  3. Love the life inspired series. They are so right 🙂
    Super sketch! I definitely would not like to meet up with him anywhere, but I do love his details, they are really fantastic.

    1. I’m having fun with the life inspired series. Good practise and fun results.

      Thanks for your kind comments and for stopping by.

      Best wishes,

  4. Fun and creative sketches ~ Both are really well done ~ (A Creative Harbor) on Blogger

    1. Thanks! They were fun to do.

      Thanks for dropping by.


  5. 🙂 the dish washing man is cool!The Caliban face looks good too!

    1. Is it sad that I had to look up ‘Caliban’ ? 😀 I obviously keep my culture in the fridge 😀

      Thanks for your kind comments and for dropping by.


  6. Wow, these are both fabulous!

  7. Love the cartoon of your husband ? doing dishes. If I’d drawn that the water would have been splashing all over the drain boards and laying there after he was done all soapy looking very not done! He has such a rugged look! A super hero of sorts in apron! Love it. Not too much paint at all!

    As for the monster guy he leaves me feeling sorry for his eye problem (thyroid perhaps affecting one eye more than the other)…why not submit it. I’d say it more than qualifies if the prompt was indeed MONSTER or physical malady!

    Happy Sunday Sketching.

  8. funny sketches this week! i loved the sentiment about men and dishes!

  9. Love the man doing dishes! Wonderful! Not much into scary stuff, tho–nothing against your drawing. Great style!

  10. Those are great! SO funny, the second on is my fav. Love cool monster guys. Hey he could be the next heart throb twilight guy? NO? hehe Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. very original sketches, great work!

  12. OOh, these are great! Love the dishin man and that bottom sketch is fabulous! Love the detail there, xo

  13. Wow, I really love the bottom sketch. Scary and awesome. …I wish my man did dishes!

  14. Got to love a guy that does dishes for sure!!!! The creature is the creature!
    cheers, dana

  15. My man does the dishes too…. eventually…. after a bit of nagging!

  16. Nice use of words and imagery in the first and Very expressive in the second!

  17. I love that face! it’s creepy & fierce & really cool!

  18. I love both sketches this week… my Sinus always does the dishes in the evening and I sometimes think it is one of the main reasons we are still happily married after 22 years together!!!! I love the tonal work in the second sketch and think it is great fun…
    and a quick note on the mont marte journals… I have found them good as well… especially at the price… the other great ones are from Riot, eraldo brand or something like that… do you have Riot down there?…. they also have canvases which are much better than the mont marte… they don’t warp and they are nicely finished… worth the extra money they cost… xx