A new paper mosaic in preparation

I’d like to submit this for Sunday Sketches, but it doesn’t involve any sketching at all, so I haven’t 🙁

The sun is desperately trying to make its presecence felt here. Winter is starting to take its leave, the acacias are flowering, the almond blossoms are out, and there is this subtle feeling in the weather of the coming change. So there are short periods of sun between the dank and grey and I’ve been trying to take full advantage of them.

The sunny period today was rather short and fleeting, so instead of continuing work on my portrait, I did the prep work for a paper mosaic I have in mind (after I complete my Paper and Jewels).

Here is the background…

Fire mosaic background

and here is the foreground in process…

Fire butterfly painting

I have several of these butterfly paintings drying in my studio waiting to be cut into tiles. I’m planning on finishing Paper and Jewels first and then getting stuck into this one. This is the biggest one I have attempted yet and it is all on untested ground as I hope it works like the way my head says it will.

Did some more on Paper and Jewels last night, so it is coming along slowly. It is like knitting in front of the TV. Enjoyable and relaxing.

Anyways, I hope those of you participating in Sunday Sketches have a good time. I’m pulling back from challenges a little at the moment and trying to get some work finished. I feel like it, so I’m taking advantage of it.

Best wishes,


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