Paper and jewels mosaic continued

Paint Party Friday

Bit by little bit my jewel and paper mosaic is coming together. I have no plan and am really just putting pieces down where I feel like it and apart from one wonky swirl, I think it is going really well. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying doing this in my lounge in front of the TV. I put on a movie I’ve seen a dozen times before so I can listen and don’t need to watch.

Paper and jewels mosaic wip2

It changes its appearance depending upon which angle you are looking at it from.

Don’t forget to check out all the other Paint Party Friday people. There is some fantastic art work being created out there.

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19 responses to “Paper and jewels mosaic continued”

  1. Loving this a lot. The colours are just beautiful

    1. Thankyou, Mynx ::hugs::


  2. this is lovely – I can’t see a wonky swirl! It must take a lot of concentration!

    1. There is a wonky swirl and it is the wonky swirl of evil 😀 I am eyeing it right now and it is broadcasting its wonkiness at me with glee. I will smite its wonkiness and it will be ‘intended wonky’ by the time I am finished 😀

      Death to the wonk!

      Thanks for dropping by and your kind comments 😀

      (sense is optional)

  3. What a lot of work, very beautiful!! I too listen to things over and over just so I can do art.

    Hugs Giggles

    1. The TV keeps the upper brain occupied while the lower brain is directing my fingers. And I have an awful memory at times, so watching things over and over is one of its advantages 😀

      Thanks for you kind comments and for dropping by!

      Best wishes,

  4. I really love this – so freeing to just follow a road to see where it takes you.

    1. Thanks. Yes, the fun part is definitely the lack of planning. I’m just hoping I don’t stuff it up in the process 😀

      Thanks for dropping by.


  5. It reminds me of the new shoes covered in sequins that I bought this week (yeah, I know, I’m just a girl who likes to dress up!!).

    It’s fabulous. Can’t wait to see the final version in all its glorious sparkliness.

  6. Beautiful beadwork creation. Happy PPF, Annette x

  7. Liz,
    This is becoming more and more gorgeous! Exquisite!
    I love it!
    Can’t wait to see more!!
    Happy PPF!!

  8. Oh, I bet this is all sparkly in real life. I can just imagine. Beautiful. Happy PPF

  9. looking forward to seeing this develop and progress… the colours against the textures look very cool… though for the life of me have no clue how you do it in front of the telly… I would drop and spill glue and beads and things everywhere!!! xx

  10. Pretty and fun. I know I’d enjoy this process too.

  11. this is absolutely magical! a bit intimidating to me – looks like it takes an incredible long time and painstaking concentration!!

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  13. This is really beautiful. Looking forward to the finished piece!

  14. I can hardly wait to see where you go with this. I think you have the patience of a saint…at least more than me!

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