Autumn wind, my current WIP for Paint Party Friday

Paint Party Friday

I’ve been so madly arting of late that I haven’t had time to post! But here is a quickie in honour of Paint Party Friday because that is what I’ve been doing – painting. I’ve been exploring my acrylics. I guess you could call this piece a big acrylic experiment because it has very much been a ‘let’s see what happens if I do this’ kind of painting.

It is not complete as yet, but getting close. Please excuse the horrific photography. It is late here and I don’t have the right lighting.

Autumn Wind WIP

Autumn Wind, work-in-progress, acrylic on canvas, approx. 500 x 500 mm.

And here are some slightly better piccies, though from an angle.

Autumn Wind WIP angle 1

Autumn Wind WIP angle 2

And here are a couple of even more WIP shots:

Autumn Wind WIP first layer

Autumn Wind WIP second layer

And a little blatant Colour porn, because I just love swirly and blendy colours 😀

Autumn Wind WIP first layer close up

And don’t forget to drop by Paint Party Friday to check out all the other fantastic painters who hang around this corner of the web.

Best wishes,
(who went to an art group for a month and thoroughly enjoyed herself, a fantastic birthday month has been had by me :D)


41 responses to “Autumn wind, my current WIP for Paint Party Friday”

  1. Now THAT is cool!!! How’d you do that? Are you using a stencil or did you paint all those leaves? I am loving your experiments! Happy Birthday too. Sounds like you’ve had really awesome month. Happy PPF! 🙂

  2. Love seeing those WIP shots, your acrylic is coming along beautifully! Happy Paint Party Friday! #5 ~Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  3. This is really beautiful! How did you get the shapes of the leaves? are they applied or “pulled out”? So beautiful!

  4. I like this a lot. The colours are glorious and you are creating so much movement. Thanks you for the WIP pics – I love to see how things happen 🙂
    Happy PPF

  5. That’s a really cool painting. Thanks for showing the WIP.

  6. That is a lot of work. Looks awesome! 🙂

  7. this is gorgeous. the detail in those little leaf shapes is fab and actually the colour porn photo of the work in progress is gorgeous as an abstract in its own right!

  8. Oh wow this is fabulous. Wonderful details. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  9. wow.. it´s great!

  10. Very good, his works remind me a little Indian Mandalas, i love the last in yelow and green. Saludos

  11. Love your color porn!!! The swirly colors, the energy in them, oh such happiness!

  12. Love these! The leaves sort of have a fractal structure, brilliant work.

  13. I love that it turned out to be so action oriented. Thank you for showing how you did it, never would have put all that together. Blessings, Janet, PPF

  14. This is wonderful. I love the flow and movement of it.

  15. AUTUMN WIND is sooooo beautiful.
    Keep experimenting because it is paying off!
    Happy PPF!
    Sheri Cook/Happy Horse Studio

  16. Very interesting, looks beautiful!

  17. This is a beautiful painting. I love negative painting and it looks like you had to do a lot of that happy PPF

  18. CAROL SAMSEL Avatar

    Oh MY! This is so totally awesome!!!! You need to experiment more if this is the results you get :0)

  19. Autumn Wind is rich and beautiful!
    Reminds me of stained glass. 🙂
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  20. Absolutely gorgeous and amazing painting!! I always LOVE your work, Liz!
    Stunning. And really fascinating seeing how you painted it.

  21. Your acrylic “experiments” are fantastic!!! i so love the layering of colours. I just joined in on the PPF fun, and already, i’ve seen some incredible creativity. So exciting. Thanks for posting! happy PPF. xoxo

  22. Totally awesome, I love your paintings!Thank you for sharing! <3

  23. Autumn Wind is so beautiful- I really like the way you layered the colors and textures. Wonderful work!
    Happy PPF,

  24. Wow! This piece is gorgeous! I really loved being able to see some of your process, too. Wonderful!

    Happy PPF!

  25. Nora Clemens Avatar
    Nora Clemens

    wow, I love what you did in this piece. It’s beautiful!

  26. This is EXTRAORDINARY!!! holy wow wow wow! …hehe color porn! 😀

  27. Wow!!! Awesome piece and the title is so fitting!
    Stay inspired!

  28. Wow! Great work. I really like the middle piece, with a combination of the swirly colors and the more defined shapes, but now I see this is all the same piece? I must be getting tired. It’s really fun to see your steps along the way.

  29. This is really beautiful. I love autumn and I love to feel a breeze. I could see and feel the movement in your painting.

  30. I think it looks fabulous. Wow. Look at your detail and all the amazing colour. Good to see you in the bloggie land again! 🙂 Happy PPF

  31. Wow – love this. I, too, can see the movement in the piece. Just lovely.


  32. Gorgeous color and pattern. Beautifully done……reminds me of stained glass or a kaleidoscope.

  33. Just gorgeous. I love the movement of the leaves

  34. Gorgeous work!

  35. wonderful! i love the energy! happy PPF!

  36. I love your painting, and how you’ve created the fabulous layered leaves! Happy PPF!

  37. Wow! This is absolutely amazing! I love it! So inspirational! 🙂

  38. […] been completed. The self-leveling gel background was only the first layer. The final piece was Autumn Wind. Crimson swirls was one of my very early experiments, but I love the colour so I’ve kept […]

  39. […] ). This one, working title – ‘Circles’, was the precursor to ‘Autumn Wind‘. You can actually see it in the background of one of the ‘Autumn Wind’ progress […]