More painting experiments


Everything seemed to come to a screeching halt when Art Every Day Month ended. There I was chuffing along churning out art, and I suddenly stopped. Didn’t feel like it anymore.

So I’ve taken a few days, reoriented, and given myself a new target, one I had set up before the challenge started, but had put aside. I’ve gone back to my experiments. They are so much fun to do and even if the results don’t work out, it is still a challenge to make something out of what ever mess it is I’ve created.

I flung a heap of paint around today to get the result above. The experiment has pretty much finished, but the painting hasn’t and I intend to add to it, but as I haven’t posted here in days, and it gives me a sense of accomplishment, here is today’s effort.

Isn’t adding stuff to a project that looks okay a little nerve wracking? One mistake and all that work goes down the drain (unless a rescue effort is viable).

(mad artist at work)


3 responses to “More painting experiments”

  1. Christie, Describe Happy Avatar
    Christie, Describe Happy

    Ohhh!! I really like the look of that! But of course I kooky like that — does that make me a mad scientist in training perhaps? And yes, I know what you mean about adding to something and taking the risk of messing it all up. You can do it!!

  2. I really would like to find out how you did the bubble technique. My email is I would really appreciate it if you would elaborate on the method for me. 🙂

    1. I’ve written the procedure up, I just need to add piccies and I’ll be posting it here soon. I’ve been a bit distracted with the dregs of the silly season, but it is coming soon.

      Thanks for your interest 😀

      (who needs to move her butt and get that procedure up here)