More playing with pens

I started a painting today, but it hardly got anywhere due to whining children and 38C/100F heat, so it is still sitting on my easel awaiting attention.

So driven into the lounge with the airconditioner, I found myself doodling with my new pens again.

I have a very limited pallette with these pens and the single green I have (every colour is single) is NOT a gumleaf colour, so I was challenged to try and blend the pen strokes, something not usually done with ballpoint pens. I consider the results interesting if not realistic.

I do know that I like my pens 😀

(doodle, doodle, doo)


3 responses to “More playing with pens”

  1. Mlissabeth Avatar

    So pretty! I like how the colors jump out. What kind of pens are they? Gel?

  2. I think it has worked really well and I like seeing your gumleaves and blossoms as they bring back memories. I used to live in Australia, but I really do not envy your 38C heat, even if it has been -2C and snowy here in England for the last few days!

  3. You are getting some great results from these gel pens!