November 2010 – Art Every Day Month

If it wasn’t for this fantastic challenge and the challenges I’ve used to help my inspiration I wouldn’t have…

My acrylic paintings…my first in nearly ten years…

My Wind Sculpted Trees…a derivative of zentangling that I’m still really excited about and want to explore further…

My doodley zentangles…including my first ever mandala…

Or my cartoons …a skill I’ve dabbled in, but never realised I actually had any skill with…

Without Art Every Day Month, I wouldn’t have any of these artworks, or have met many of the wonderful people who were participating.

I’d like to thank Leah Piken Kolidas for all her efforts in creating and maintaining the challenge. I would like to thank the wonderful people who have been commenting on my blog and spurring me on. You guys feed my pen and brush and keep me striving. Thankyou for your wonderful words. And many a thanks should also go to the maintainers of the other challenges that sparked my inspiration along the way.

I didn’t manage a piece of work every day. I didn’t even manage to do art every day. But I did all the above and that is one hell of a lot to be thankful for.

I may have flunked NaNoWriMo twice, but I think I’ve managed to achieve AEDM, and I’m really happy with what I’ve done.

(who’s not planning on stopping any time soon)


14 responses to “November 2010 – Art Every Day Month”

  1. What a wonderful collection of work you've ended up with! And what a good idea to showcase it like this on the final day. I will continue to keep an eye on what you get up to!

  2. The final day and the beginning of all the more gorgeous works!

    I feel the same way. This month is full of inspiration and I have done things that I thought I would but never did.

    A big step to continue being creative 🙂

  3. Nutty, you created fabulous, fabulous pieces this month! I love the paintings especially but everything you did is terrific!

    I was surprised when at one point you said you didn't sell your art because I'm sure you could. Some of those paintings would seriously tempt me if I saw them in an etsy shop!

    I'm thrilled you'll continue as I love seeing your efforts!

  4. Wow! All your work is amazing… fabulous! Visiting from AEDM and can't believe the month is already over… definitely great that Leah had set it up to get everyone together, creating and having fun!

  5. Awesome posts…looking forward to what comes next!

  6. Wow, your month of art looks so great. I love the variety of styles you put together, and each of them done so well. My favourites were your vibrant paintings, and your wind trees.

  7. Wow, you created a whole bunch of fantastic art work! Happy last day of AEDM!

  8. Beautiful, I really enjoyed your creations this month!

  9. Kristin Dudish Avatar
    Kristin Dudish

    Oh – I love seeing them all together! You are an inspiration… I can't wait to see what else you do 🙂

    Thank you for all of the encouragement and kindness you've shown to me – it means a lot!


  10. dandelionlady Avatar

    What a great collection of works! My favorite is the trees. They're all just lovely.

  11. Paula - Buenos Aires Avatar
    Paula – Buenos Aires

    Great to see all your month`s work together! And glad to read you are not planning on stopping now. 🙂

  12. Your work this month is amazing!! I'm so glad you got a lot out of the challenge. I enjoyed seeing your work.

  13. What wonderful work. You are very talented!

  14. What a wonderful month you've had! Congrats!