Drawing Lab Challenge – #4 Results and fifth week catch up

Okay, I flunked badly this week. Left it to the last minute and that minute was smothered by the children and the pile of necessary things that need to be done.

But! This week is Catch Up Week. This is the time to have a go at any of the exercises you missed from the last four weeks (Labs listed here). Or to grab an idea generated by those exercises and beat it into reality. Or to finish up a piece already started that you know just needs that little bit more work to make it a masterpiece. And don’t forget the extra exercises tagged on to each of those Labs, have a go at them. And if I start another sentence with a conjunction the proofreader in my brain is going to keel over and die.

Regarding Challenge #4, how did you go? I’ve seen White Violet Art‘s amazing doodle and she appears to have the process working smoothly. I’m finding that I’m having difficulty letting go fo the ‘preconceived idea’ method of drawing. I’m so used to having an ultimate design in my head, that it feels like I’m driving the car but have no idea where I’m going. A rather uneasy feeling for a control freak like me 😀 Anyone else get that feeling?

I’ll keep trying, because I think it is a valuable skill to learn and it is part of my aim to free up my artwork (which is working really nicely at the moment 😀 Many thanks to all of you for your influences :D).

In the absence of any of my artwork to show you (though I’m planning on some more experimental stuff in the near future), here be three videos showing various aspects of doodling/zentangling.

The first one shows us how to start a zentangle, the second is how to draw a zendala (basically a zentangle in a circle, a cool idea I might try), and the last one is pure doodle…by a guy who obviously has a lot of drawing skill to back him up (he has a series of videos you might like to look up if you like this one).

So onto Catch Up Week. Do any of you have any plans on works you might like to do?

(up far too late again)


3 responses to “Drawing Lab Challenge – #4 Results and fifth week catch up”

  1. The Bodhi Chicklet Avatar
    The Bodhi Chicklet

    I have to admit that I admire the confidence and freedom that these videos portray via their sketchers. My efforts at this are usually much more calculated, trying to make a "finished product" instead of enjoying the process. Maybe if I was filmed whilst doodling then sped up the film it would look similar. ha! ha! But they are inspiring to just draw. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Christie, Describe Happy Avatar
    Christie, Describe Happy

    Oh wow, I really liked the doodle videos! Looks like so much fun to pull open a blank piece of paper and just let lines and shapes flow. I also like how he's working with a sharpie. I may have to give this a try this weekend! Thank you for sharing and for the sweet comments on my blog too!!

  3. White Violet Art Avatar
    White Violet Art

    Love these little videos Nutty! I think I learned a thing or two… I'm going to try my own zentangle and see how it goes! Very cool!
    Thanks for the mention btw! 🙂